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File May 18, 4 39 14 PMThis last year has been a CRAAAZY one for our family. We had FOUR visits to the Emergency Room. I know, right?! You can’t make that stuff up! Well, I guess you could, but why on earth would you want to?! My mom went to the Emergency Room twice, (she’s SO much better now, yay!). My husband passed out and basically broke his face! lol (No really, read all about it here) and then I fell UP the stairs (yep, UP!) and broke my foot! (Yes, you can read about that one too right here!)

Thankfully, throughout this whole process we’ve been covered by UnitedHealthcare. Now with our FOUR Emergency Room situations, we definitely NEEDED to go to the ER but too many people (us included) are going to the ER for a cold or a sprained ankle. I don’t know about you but I think it’s justFile Aug 03, 4 11 39 PM kind of what we’re accustomed to doing. That means we’re spending tons of money for a service that could maybe be done for less than half the cost of the ER or Urgent Care. Why are we doing this? Probably because we don’t KNOW that we have other options. Thankfully, UnitedHealthcare’s website has a new fun program called Quick Care Quiz that helps teach you where to go to get the best care options for you and your family. I say…BRILLIANT and thank you UnitedHealthcare! This quiz offers information on several options for care that will serve different purposes: 24/7 Nurseline, Virtual Visits, Primary Care Doctor, Convenience Care Clinic, Urgent Care or Emergency Room. (Here’s a little preview of these Six Smart Choices for Care)

screenshot-2016-11-29-13-23-51Why am I telling you about this? Because duh…after my family’s crazy year…I like knowing what my options are and plus the Quick Care Quiz will help you learn what each service offers ANNNND the cost difference between them. Win! Annnd while you’re there checking out the Quick Care Quiz, UnitedHealthcare is also hosting a sweepstakes. Double win! One is a crossword puzzle called What’s the Word? that teaches you about health care terminology. The other is a longer, 4-part, engagement called Are you a Health Plan Pro? That helps you learn about premium vs out-of-pocket costs and the benefits of health care accounts like HSA’s and FSA’s. Stuff I for sure need help learning about. They are giving $100 away weekly and $500 monthly! Awww yah!

targetgiftcardOh and did I mention there was ONE more reason that I love me some UnitedHealthcare? Yep, because they’re giving ME a $100 Target gift card to give to YOU! A Target gift card!!!! Awwww yahhh! Perfect for this time of year! All you have to do is check out the link in my Rafflecopter contest box below, complete an activity/quiz and enter the promo code “SurvivingMommy.”  After you’re finished, come back to the Rafflecopter contest box below and tell me you’ve done it and then you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to Tarjay! Easy peasy! 

I loooove giving and receiving presents (who doesn’t?!) and thanks to UnitedHealthcare, I get to do both! I can enter THEIR sweepstakes and you can enter MINE! 😉 Talk about #Winning!

XO Surviving Mommy
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(Editor’s note to my Surviving Mommy readers: UnitedHealthcare partnered with me to share this information with you. Our family has used health insurance with UnitedHealthcare for the past year and this was a perfect fit! As I always say…opinions are my own and Surviving Mommy ONLY has relationships with brands and companies that truly represent my family and me. #ad) 

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