Dear Taco Bell, I think I love you.

When I was growing up in Southern California, my mom would take my little brother and me to Taco Bell all of the time.  She always got a bean burrito (no onions) and we would get tacos. She would pull off the extra part of her tortilla that didn’t have beans on it and give it to me because she knew I didn’t like the bean part. Man, I loooooooved Taco Ball. Many (many!) years later, nothing has changed. Except for the fact that now I LOVE bean burritos (no onions + lettuce.)  Taco Bell really is my FAVORITE fast food place ever!  The thing is, I don’t even really eat fast food. Like, never.  BUT, when I do…it’s ALWAYS Taco Bell. We also take our daughters there because they love the pintos and cheese and both of them can annihilate that and a taco each.  I even knew my husband was ‘the one” when I found out he used to work for Taco Bell many years before we met! lol Sometimes when I dream of living in some fantasy place, like Paris. I am jilted back into reality when I realize they do NOT have Taco Bell there. Well, that and I have not perfected my three years of High School French yet.

Is anyone else totally obsessed with Taco Bell like moi?

xo Surviving Mommy

My mom and my 8 year old!

My mom and my 8 year old!

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