Am I the only weirdo?

food3Ok wait, on second thought…don’t answer that. lol I already know I’m a weirdo but I guess I want to know if anyone else has a weird issue like this too. While I was in the hospital with my mom all last week, we had tons of deep discussions but we also had really silly ones too. For example:

Weird food things.

I do not like apples. I like apple sauce. I like apple juice. I like apple pie. I like apple martinis. But plain ol’ apples? Meh. Not so much. Not even caramel apples on a stick.

food2I do not like tomatoes. I like salsa. I like tomato soup. I like ketchup. I love spaghetti sauce. But plain ol’ tomatoes? Meh. Not so much. Oh and no to Bloody Mary’s too.

Mushrooms? Nope. On pizza? Yes.

I don’t like one single vegetable. I have tried them cooked EVERY way possible but a big fat N to the O, NO to veggies. BUT hide them in a smoothie with fruit and I am all in.

Jalapenos? LOVE! Can’t get enough. I pile them high on my Mexican food.food1

So there ya go. That’s probably not even everything either. If you asked my hubster, he would probably have a much longer list of weird food things about me. 🙂 I love that my all my friends know and accept this about me. Well at least to my face. haha One of my besties Heather posted this on my Facebook page the other day and I identified with almost every single one except the food touching one. I don’t mind if my food touches the other food. Especially if it’s syrup from a waffle that ends up on my bacon but I digress. lol Oh and you know where I got my weirdo food thing? FROM MY MOTHER…as the song goes…I got it from my mama!

Anyway, I know I am not alone, am I? Where are all my fellow food weirdos at? Come on now…step up. Comment below and let me know!

XO Surviving Mommy

PS. Speaking of my momma. Check her out!!! Momma Jane is home from the hospital and while she is still very weak, exhausted, and has a very long road ahead of her… she is HOME and for that I am super grateful! Ummm and hello, doesn’t she LOOK fabulous? I only wish she felt on the inside the way she looks on the outside! Thanks for all of your prayers!

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