An update on my Momma Jane.

File Jun 06, 9 18 55 PMMany of you have been SO wonderful to pray and send words of support and encouragement for our family while we deal with the crazy last month we’ve had. THANK YOU! Last week, just as we were about embark on our week long Carnival Cruise family vacation and hours after I wrote about it here, I had to rush my Momma Jane to the ER…again. Make that my THIRD trip to the ER in three weeks. Like I should seriously get one of those customer loyalty cards where you get the hole punches. No joke. If you missed the story of the other two ER visits, click here!

So now here we are, sitting in the hospital…again. We’ve been here since Wednesday night and today is Tuesday. I’ve been spending most days and nights withFile Jun 06, 9 21 42 PM mom because as someone who was in the hospital for a week last Summer for Salmonella poisoning and was not able to have visitors, being in the hospital STINKS! Ok, let’s get totally real here…it SUCKS! Major props to my Husbter who has been holding down the fort at home while Mommy is here with Grandma. Thank you God for him and for Facetime.

I gotta tell you, my poor mother has been through the ringer this year. An out of control cough, three pneumonias, heart issues, car accident, total exhaustion and this is her second one-week-long hospital stay in less than a month. Sigh. I’m trying to treat this hospital stay like a big ol’ girls sleepover though because there is only ONE way to deal with craptastic situations…try and make the best of them.

So here’s the highs and lows from our past week.

Low. Mom and I have been having many conversations about her dying. My mom is one of my best friends. Do you know what it is like to have conversations with your best friend about her dying? Heart-breaking.

High. BECAUSE mom and I have been having conversations about her dying, it has also given us really wonderful conversations about God, our Faith, Heaven and God’s plan and our Faith in all of it. We know that if/when she dies…she has lots to look forward to even though it terrifies us both at the same time.

Low. She feels awful and everyday is like a roller coaster. One day she feels horrible and the next day she feels like a million dollars. She had great visits from my friends Taylor and Alisa and her spirits were so lifted. The next day she felt awful and it was a scary and sad day. Today is a pretty good day. Roller coaster.

File Jun 06, 9 20 20 PMHigh. This hospital has a Starbucks so this is a win/win. A win for me because well duh and a win for Mom because she LOVES Frappuccinos. She has really been having a hard time with her appetite (Low) so nothing sounds good to her. NOOOOTHING! Thankfully she has at least been able to drink the healthy protein smoothies that my husband and I have been making for her as well as the ones my friends Taylor and Christine have brought her. The ONLY thing she has remotely craved besides smoothies? A Starbucks Frappuccino. So yay for small victories!

Low. They really can’t figure out between her congestive heart failure and her bad lungs, what exactly to do. They have done a million tests and are hoping to at least get her coughing symptoms under control. But it’s like sitting and waiting in the land of the unknown.

High. I brought my essential oil diffuser so we pretty much have THE BEST smelling room at this hospital. I know this because EVERY single person whoFile Jun 06, 9 20 56 PM has walked into this room…from the Doctors, the nurses, techs and even meal service, everybody…has asked us what is happening in here. lol You should see me rubbing oils on Mom’s feet to help her immune system and diffusing oils to help boost her mood, help her sleep and even using an oil on her head to rid her of head tension. I have turned into a straight up witch doctor and she loves it. I didn’t know squat about essential oils a year ago and now I’m having conversations with total strangers about how much they have changed our family’s lives. It feels SO wonderful being able to help my mom and being able to do it naturally.

High/Low. Her wedding anniversary is today. It would have been 47 years that she and my daddy were married had he not gone and split for Heaven four years ago last week. Not fun to be here to celebrate that memory.

Low. I’ve cried approximately 87 times this last week alone.

High. Today is a new day. Yes, it’s that simple.

File Jun 06, 9 19 57 PMI don’t know for sure yet when she will get to go home, what her future health will be, but I do know that I am and will continue to savor every single moment I get with her…highs AND lows!

XO Surviving Mommy

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