At what age will you let your daughters wear one?

bathing suitAs you can see in the picture, my two year old Luna is wearing a “tankini”. At what age do you let your daughters wear a bikini? Luna at two years old does have a bikini, which in my opinion, at this age is ok. I also let my older daughter Lily wear a bikini when she was two and three and I thought it was adorable. HOWEVER, Lily is now nine (ten next month) and she is asking me to wear a bikini and I told her a big fat N to the O, NO! But then she asked me, “well, at what age CAN I wear one mom?” I had no answer for her. Truthfully, I would prefer both of of my girls to wear swim shirts or even wet suits for the rest of their lives, lol, but I realize that iswimshirt1s probably not possible. lol Goodness gracious, I don’t know when I turned in to such a little conservative prude, but I guess I did. 😉

I even asked my mom if I ever wore a bikini when I was a kid and she said she doesn’t remember that I ever did. With my strict Catholic Father raising us, I am pretty sure I probably didn’t. lol

So now I come to you my Surviving Mommy readers, at what age do you (or did you) let your daughters wear a bikini?

XO Surviving Mommy

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