Baseball memories with my Dad

When asked me if I would like to share one of my favorite baseball memories as part of their baseball fanatics campaign…I instantly said yes because I knew the one I wanted to share!


Growing up in California, our family LOVED the Los Angeles Dodgers. For real. We were blue and white through and through. In 1988 when I was in High School, the Dodgers made it to the World Series and were playing the Oakland A’s.  My dad won tickets from a local radio station and surprised me with a flight to Oakland and tickets to the game. Why this was even more special to me was because I had a brother and my dad chose me…that’s right, his daughter, the girl.  Although my brother never let me live it down, I didn’t care because it was one of the most special moments of my life! hee hee My dad passed away two years ago and as much as I miss him, every time I think of baseball…I think of him. Thanks for the memory Pops!

xo Surviving Mommy

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