Best.Birthday Present.Ever!

Disclosure: I was invited and compensated to check out the new Thomas & Friends Super Station at Walmart. As always, opinions are my own. 

Those were the exact words my newly turned six-year-old Luna exclaimed to me on her Birthday. Best. Present. ever!

This was, of course, after she opened her brand new Thomas & Friends Super Station Birthday present. Luna had been laying the “Birthday hint” groundwork for at least the last month. She wanted this Thomas & Friends Super Station from Walmart and nothing else. Really. And that’s exactly what she got.

See…we are big fans of “experiences” in our house and I knew this particular Thomas & Friends Super Station had multiple configurations with TWO racetracks, which meant she would be able to have several different play experiences! I also like that it forces her to learn to be creative with the multiple ways she can build it. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! Plus, because of the multiple configurations, it actually FITS into any space. 

Since her Birthday, every morning before AND after school, she goes straight to play with her Thomas and Friends Superstation. I like that she has played with it with her 13 year old big sister, (yes, I said her 13 year old sister), her neighbor friends and the best part…she even likes to play with it all by herself. You should hear her using her imagination to give Thomas and his friends “voices” and the sounds she makes! So cute!

Funny side note, when Luna first opened her Birthday present, her dad and his friend Mike were the first ones on the floor with her helping to “build” (aka PLAY) with the Thomas & Friends Super Station. I think she’s going to be having many fun play experiences with Daddy too!

This would have been the perfect under the Christmas tree present for her if her Birthday hadn’t fallen right before Halloween. But I know Santa can bring her more Thomas trains no matter the scale and they will all work perfectly in her new Super Station. In fact, it holds over 100 engines! Woot! Woot! Christmas list…check!

So down the hills and round the bends, she definitely loves her Thomas and Friends! #SuperStationWalmart 

XO Cindy 

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