BEST EVER April Fool’s Day prank for children! Watch NOW!


Best ever April Fool’s Day prank for children! This was the April Fool’s Day prank we played on our two daughters a couple of years ago and it was EVERYTHING! Seriously. Make the cereal the night before, put the spoon in and freeze. Easy Peasy!

I don’t know the last time my husband and I laughed this hard. TWO times in a row actually because we fed them separately just to double our gratification. 😉 Our 12-year-old daughter STILL talks about how funny this was years later! I think they keep expecting it every year but we have not done it since because duh…they’re expecting it. Maybe we’ll wait a few more years and bring it back. Ha! Plus, it’s not only good for children. It’s good for spouses, parents, co-workers, roommates, whoever!

And I’ve seen plenty of April Fool’s jokes too! Tin foil wrapped everything in an office, packing bubbles in a cubicle, post-it notes under a computer mouse, saran wrap a toilet seat (messy, don’t recommend!) and this frozen cereal one got the best reaction. The look of total confusion is priceless and will definitely be one for the memory books. Watch the videos below!  

You’re welcome! Happy April Fool’s Day!


XO Cindy 

Luna (Two years old)

Lily (Nine years old)

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