Bring on the red lipstick!

While my personality is definitely more of the silly, fun, dorky and adventurous type, when it comes to fashion, make-up, beauty etc, yahhh…I am not so much adventurous. Like years ago, you would never have seen me wearing red lipstick…unless it was part of a costume. Fashion-wise, I’m more a creature of habit kind of person. For example, I still wear the same old tired Yoga leggings from like FIVE years ago and did I mention I haven’t even done Yoga in forever?! And because for right now, I mostly work from home, it’s not like I have to get dolled up a whole lot, so you will rarely see me with my hair or make-up did. Well, except on Coffee Convo Wednesdays when I do my live show. 

So that brings me to the massive change in my lipstick game. As in I never had any…lipstick game. I have always admired women who rocked red lipstick though. I had worn it maybe once or twice as part of a fun costume but never to go out for real. However, that all changed when curiosity and a childhood obsession got the best of me.

I went to Walmart two years ago because I wanted to check out the Star Wars line by Cover Girl. Because, yes I am a Star Wars dork. I saw that they had a red lipstick and thought…what the heck, I’m gonna try it! And maybe a little because I just really wanted to have a Star Wars lipstick. (Told you I was a dork!) The same night as my red lipstick purchase, I went to an event and saw some old friends and everyone was super complimentary of my red lipstick. Not gonna lie, it was kinda exciting. Like, look at me and my new fancy new (but cheap) red Star Wars lipstick. The best part was when I came home that night and my then three-year-old daughter Luna looked at me and said, “Mommy! I loooove your new chapstick!!!

Fast forward to two years later and I ONLY wear red lipstick. No, really. Nothing else! Ever! After I rocked the Star Wars red for a couple of months, I googled “top 5 best red lipsticks on any skin tone” and it came back with MAC’s Ruby Woo. Because MAC makeup is all I have mostly worn for years, I bought it online without even trying it on. I FELL IN LOVE! Still two years later, it is literally the ONLY lipstick I wear. No other color, no other brand. Only Ruby Woo!

Who knew?! I guess when you step out of your comfort zone, good things happen!

So I say be bold. Be adventurous. Be a try-er of red lipstick! Life’s too short!

XO Cindy

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