To buy or not to buy…THAT is the question.

minniemouseA couple of months ago, I had some ladies over to my house and some of them included moms from my oldest daughter Lily’s school. While they were here I noticed one of them was carrying THE cutest black backpack. I practically jumped on top of her and was like oooooooooooh what’s THIS? I tried it on, looked inside to check for the most important thing…good pockets and then walked around with it like I was modeling on a catwalk. I loved this purse! Every ten years I go through a cute backpack phase too so it was perfect timing. lol When I broke my foot a few months back and was on crutches and it was hard to carry a normal purse, I busted out my old backpack/diaper bag from when my now four year old Luna was a baby. So yes, since you all can count…that is a purse that is four years old and I made it new again. Cus that’s how I roll. 😉

Anyway, she told me it was a splurge though so after she left, I immediately got online and searched for the backpack. $278.00!!!! Saybackpack whaaaaaat?????!!!! I googled coupon codes and got it down to $225.00 but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to spend 200 something dollars on a purse. So I just pinned it to my “Me Wanty” dream board on Pinterest page along with several other backpacks I now also love. A board I started for my husband years ago when he told me that I was sometimes hard to buy for. But the thing is, I don’t even want HIM to buy it for me either because ummmm, hello…it’s still OUR money and I don’t need a 200 something dollars purse.

Or do I?

Here’s the thing…before I had kids years ago, I was THAT girl. Ask ANY of my friends. I liked cute handbags and fun shoes and ok, I still like those things now but I just won’t spend the money on them. I can’t bring myself to do it. It’s so weird. I’ve actually tried too. I’ll buy something, get home, have MAJOR buyer’s remorse and then take it right back to the store. It can be something simple from Target too. It’s why I don’t really ever get my nails done. I just can’t see spending the money on something that will last like a week or two. I don’t really splurge on things for me anymore because all I see now is a bill that can be paid, a trip that can be taken, money for school for my kids or just something more important.


I think it goes back to that “experiences not stuff brings you happiness” thing we try and teach our kids. You can’t take “stuff” with you when you peace out of life can you? Nope. Cus let’s be honest…it’s not like on the way to Heaven Jesus is gonna be like…”Hey Cindy…that bag is AH-mazing!! Come on in!!!” lol

That’s not to say there is anything wrong with buying things for yourself. I mean come on. I’m not dead yet and full disclosure, I did just buy a really cute pair of red boots because duh…who doesn’t need RED boots this Fall/Winter right and they were on sale so… I just mean that I’m trying hard to remind myself (and my girls) to keep it in perspective. Maybe a splurge on a pricey cute black backpack once every ten years is ok (hee hee) and then maybe I make sure to go through some of my cute old bags to donate to my favorite charity. 

Will I buy the backpack? Meh…I dunno. I think I can probably ride out the old four year old one for a while longer. Plus, Christmas is around the corner! 😉

XO Surviving Mommy 





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