Confession time: I read my daughter’s diary and it made me cry.


Ok let’s be honest…she is only nine year’s old, what can she really say right?! But the point is, I read it. I admit it. I own it and I am 100% ok with it. My hubster on the other hand wanted no part of it. He felt like it was an invasion of her privacy and I said…she is nine…she doesn’t get any privacy. lol

Truthfully, I didn’t go searching for it. She was writing in her diary while the fam was piled in our bed snuggling before bedtime and she left it on my nightstand. Before I went to bed, I took a little peeksie. Mostly to check myself and make sure I was in tune with my daughter and what is in her head. We have a pretty great relationship but I wasn’t born yesterday. I had a pretty great relationship with my mom but I am sure I didn’t tell her everything. If you are reading this Momma Jane, sorry! lol

So what did I find? Something that made me cry. First, she had a post in there about a boy she liked at her old school. I am pretty sure it was a boy named Hudson of whom I approved! 😉 And then she had some generic “I had a bad day” entries where she even hashtagged the days #EpicFail which made me seriously laugh out loud. But the part that made me cry was one of her entries was about me. She wrote it like she was writing it TO me. She wrote how much she loved me and how I am the best mom in the world. Sigh. Maybe she knew someday I would snoop…maybe she didn’t, but cue the tears…it made me melt. I felt happy and guilty all of the time. My hubster on the other hand thought I was making it all up. ha! So while I won’t make snooping through her diary a habit, I am her mother and I will always make sure I am in tune with her.

What about you mommas (and poppas)…would you read your daughter’s diary? Have you?

XO Surviving Mommy

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