Dear Adam Levine, my mom is in love with you.

MomFInal2If you followed me on my radio show in Atlanta for twelve years or have followed me here on my Surviving Mommy website, chances are you’ve heard me talk about my Momma Jane. She is a FOUR-time Cancer Survivor, took care of my ailing father for yeeeeears, she’s a great mom, grandma and is an all around bad-a$$ woman as I like to call the strong women in my life. (See my previous post about some other bad-a$$ women!) But when is the one and only time when my Momma Jane is weak you ask? When she discusses Mr. Adam Levine.

ADAMYes, THAT Adam Levine from Maroon 5. It’s actually quite comical to me. She had an ear procedure a few months back and asked when she came to, could Adam Levine be waiting for her! ha! In the car, whenever he comes on the radio, she swoons and says…”ahhhh, it’s my boyfriend!” To which of course my ten year daughter Lily cringes and says, “Oh Grandma!” Just yesterday, she had to have a small heart procedure and had to be put under and I heard her saying to the staff that if somehow they could listen to Maroon 5 during the procedure, she would most definitely come out ok.

I think it makes me laugh because I grew up watching her be infatuated with only one other man besides my dad…Sean Connery BENfrom her favorite James Bond movies. Lately, she has been infatuated with not only Adam Levine but also this hot NBC news guy named Thomas Roberts. Oh and how can I forget when we met Ben Affleck at the Georgia Aquarium…she swooned all day! I love it though! It reminds me that your heart can flutter at any age!! You go Momma Jane!

XO Surviving Mommy




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