Dear Build A Bear, why didn’t I think of you??!!

BAB 3My nine year old Lily has wanted to do Build A Bear for as long as I remember. Every single time we see it in the mall, it’s “Mommy PLEASE???”  So this Christmas, I decided to surprise her and her two year old sister Luna with an early Christmas present…a trip to the mall for Build-A-Bear and lunch.  We had the most ah-mazing time!!! 

If you have never heard of Build-A-Bear, it’s basically like a do-it-yourself build your own stuffed animal and it really is a brilliant idea! We walked in and the look on Lily’s face was all I needed. She lit up and even got a little weepy!  They started picking out their bears. She got a rainbow teddy bear and Luna picked out Olaf. The different things you can do at Build-A-Bear are crazy awesome!. They have sound choices, smell choices and of course outfit choices. I love the whole process of the kids making their own stuffed animal.  A sweet girl named LaVonda helped the girls stuff the bears, took them through the whole process and gave them each their birth certificates.It was total joy for the entire time we were there!

We then grabbed a bite to eat at Johnny Rocket’s. The girls love that place and so do My mom and me!  We were stuffed like bears (pun intended) and happy! It was a great early Christmas Mommy/Daughter bonding day!

Do you have a Christmas tradition you do with your kiddos? If so, what is it?

XO Surviving Mommy