Dear Kelly Clarkson, thank you!

I have always liked Kelly Clarkson. While working for my last radio station for twelve years I was KELLLLLLLLYfortunate enough to meet her twice and she couldn’t have been nicer. The first time I met her was when I interviewed her at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta when I was pregnant with Lily (2005). Ironically, the second time I met her was again at The Fox Theater before her show a few years back after Breast Cancer and I brought Lily with me. During the interview, Lily opened a bag of candy which as you can imagine was rather noisy so I politely asked her to hold off until we finished the interview. Kelly said something like, “Oh honey, you go ahead and eat that candy, it doesn’t bother me one bit!” Loved that!

Last year one of my bestest friends in Nashville Chandra called and told us to plan a trip to Nashville because we were being invited to a 40th birthday party for our other bestie Shane and Kelly was throwing it at her house. (Shane and Kelly have been friends for years!)  What I loved about that night was a couple of things. Shane didn’t know we were driving in so we got to surprise him and there were only about 40 of his closest friends invited to the party. Kelly focused so much on making sure every detail was about Shane and that he was surrounded by all of his friends and family! That night, I reintroduced myself to Kelly and we chatted about pregnancy as she was JUST about to have her new baby girl River Rose. We traded pregnancy war stories about being super sick and I reminded her how it gets better. I told her my Luna was a year and a half and she was going to love every single minute of being a mommy! She was lovely and down to earth as always, her home is beautiful and she and her husband were gracious hosts. (I made sure to send her my favorite Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies to thank for for such a lovely night for my friend Shane!)

What I really wanted to say thank you to Kelly for is being real. For years and even now, I have seen people pick her apart for things having nothing to do with her voice and it makes me sad. At the end of the day, she is a woman and now, a mother. Kelly has a new album out Piece by Piece and she will be at Aaron’s Amphitheater on September 10th. Kelly could have easily stayed home and said I am not leaving my house until I lose what society feels is the right amount of “baby weight”. Far too many times, we see “celebrities” have a baby and then you blink and they are a size two. That’s great for them but that is not a reality for most of us Moms. Kelly not only had a baby but she put out new music AND is out on tour showing us what she has always been about…her amazing talent and not caring what anyone else thinks!! Thank you Kelly for looking amazing, sharing your new music AND making us love you even more!

XO Surviving Mommy

Lily and Luna both LOVE Heartbeat song…maybe Luna and Duffy a bit more! lol

Happy 40th Birthday Shane!


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