Dear Target,

TARGETDoes anyone else go into Target for say like three things on your list and you leave with like 87 things you don’t even really need?  What in the world ISSSSSS that??!!!  I went into Target the other day to pick up a new brown belt for my nine year old daughter…that’s it! ONE BROWN BELT. What did I leave with? I left with some leggings and a onesie for my two year old daughter, a new little clock for my bathroom, two new monogrammed hand towels, a bottle of Prosecco (cus duh!) AND a candle for my husband (he is obsessed)! Oh wait, I also grabbed an on sale outfit for my 2yo in a size THREE for NEXT Summer! Seriously!

But not only did I buy that stuff, I walked through the sunglasses, handbags AND shoe departments. I feel like Target pumps something through the air conditioning to make you WANT to stay in there. lol Maybe it’s the smell of Starbucks or the Target pretzels but I really could spend the ENTIRE day in Target! WHO IS WITH ME??? Sigh. I love you Target.

xo Surviving Mommy


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