Do you have to be a certain age to wear these?

I was having a conversation with a neighbor friend recently and I said to her…”Do you ever wear shorts? I don’t think I have ever seen your legs before.” haha I told her she has such a cute figure and she should wear shorts! lol She said…”Oooooh yah, I don’t wear shorts. Once I hit 40, I figured no one needs to see my knees anymore and I don’t want to embarrass my sons.”

Later that day I was thinking about our conversation and truthfully, I really don’t wear shorts either. My Momma Jane lives in shorts when it’s warm and she looks lovely in them. She wears casualfile-sep-25-4-49-29-pm shorts and then nice dressy shorts for her Doctor’s appts. She always says to me…”Honey, you have such nice legs, why don’t you wear shorts?!” I seriously love my mom! The thing is…I don’t even know why I don’t, I just don’t really like to wear them. I think I have one or two pair of cut off denim shorts (do those count?) and I wear them ON OCCASION but generally I just don’t wear shorts. Even if I am exercising. Well, when I ACTUALLY do exercise-ha, I wear yoga mid calf leggings. Even if I am NOT exercising, I wear them. lol I like to rock that whole athleisure wear look even though I didn’t know it was a real thing up until this last year but I digress. I guess I’m just more comfortable in pants, leggings, jeans, whatever…

But shorts…yahhhh, not so much. I just don’t care for them. Not because of an age thing either. I just don’t like them…ON ME. Not even sure why really. I bought a khaki pair from Sam’s Club back in Spring thinking I could “will” myself to wear them. Nope. I’ve worn them like once. For a trip to Walt Disney World, one of my besties Ashley made these super adorable matching outfits for me and her and our little girls. A pair of Mickey shorts with a cute tank top. The shorts were so darn adorable I couldn’t help myself, I had to wear them. I’ve honestly worn them on every Disney trip since and I love them! But normally at Disney…I file-sep-25-4-46-52-pmwear jeans, leggings, capri pants or my denim cut offs.

And as far as the age appropriate thing. I think you have to do you. If my neighbor friend feels like she is too old to wear shorts, I respect her for that. I feel you should wear whatever YOU are comfortable in. If you are 50 and want to rock a bikini, go for it! If you’re comfortable in your body, own it and wear what you feel best in. My Momma Jane likes to rock shorts and I love it! I think confidence in our self and the body that God gave us is what can help us feel beautiful on the outside.

XO Surviving Mommy


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