Does your baby “scoot?”

LUNAINBOXSo I am on baby #2 now and one major thing both of my girls have in common is they both scoot. What IS that? lol  My now eight year old NEVER crawled, she only scooted and then went straight to walking. Now, my 10 month old is doing the same thing. She scoots around like she is in race for scootin’ champion. If she gets down on her tummy for tummy time, the closest she comes to crawling is more like an army man from Toy Story. She always ends up in the funniest places with this scootin’ thing too. Like the box she scooted into in the picture. It is the funniest thing to watch but I wonder what that is about??!! Anyone else have scootin’ babies??   XO Surviving Mommy