Er ma gah, I actually just did this in front of my husband for the first time EVER!

marriage1I don’t know what the rules are in your house but in our house…we have some rules. Rules that were put in place for a reason and rules that should be obeyed. This rule has been in effect since my hubster and I have been together…which is ohhhhh about eight years now. And guess what? I BROKE THE RULE!

NO tooting! That’s right, I said it. Nooooo tooting!! That’s the rule. We’ve even talked about this very rule here before on the blog in fact. But ok look…we all do it. YES YOU READING THIS POST RIGHT NOW, you toot. Every person on the planet does it but in our house we had a rule and yes, I broke it. For real this time. Not just a husband sayig it happened when you were sleeping “accusation”. lol

Let me set it up for you. Recently, while we were on vacation at the happiest place on Earth, I was wheeling around our Disney hotel room in my Momma Jane’s wheelchair and there was a noise heard. Not a loud one mind you, nothing crazy or anything like that…just a noise. My hubster looked at me and said, “DID YOU JUST TOOT?” To which I replied in a tone of disgust…”Ummm…No!” As if to say…like I wouldmarriage2 even do that you insane person. But that fact is, I did. I really really did this time. It WAS me and I know this well because duh, I did but but also after the little noise happened, I actually said…”Oh!” Like it scared me…because it did. HAHAHAHA But I still wasn’t going to admit it. And then my hubster said…”You did. You tooted!” Of course then I start dying laughing screaming…”I’M SORRY!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I DID IT! I REALLY DID THIS TIME AND I’M SORRY. I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!” Of course he had to call the kids and Grandma into the room to tell them. And then that was it. I was the “butt” of jokes alllll weekend long. (See what I did there.) But I deserved it this time. There may have been a previous “accusation” of “tooting in my sleep”, but that doesn’t count because duh…we were “asleep”. Well, he was at least anyway. MuWAHAHAHAHA But this time, yah, this time I had to come clean, lol, I had to own it.

So it begs the question. In your marriage…your relationship…your house, do you toot in front of each other? Come on, be honest! We’re all friends here! Comment below!


XO Surviving Mommy


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