From Disney to the ER in 24 hours.


Not gonna lie, it’s File May 12, 1 07 08 PMbeen a rough week. First, the NOT rough part. Last week we went to Walt Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. An amazing invite-only conference put on by Disney Moms that your family is also invited to, which I am ALLLLL about because if you know me really well or even barely at all, you should know that my family means EVERYTHING to me. Everything. And we do everything together.

familyAll five of us piled in the car, with our matching family Surviving Mommy t-shirts and my Surviving Mommy chapsticks thanks to my sweet husband’s company My Smart Shirt and we headed to Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort which was so lovely. My Momma Jane has been on and off in poor health since the beginning of the year but thankfully, she felt like a million dollars before we headed to Walt Disney World. We really had an incredible time too! I learned so much from the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I met a few amazingly kind and welcoming new friends. We were showered with special treats (Thank you Hanes, American Tourister, GoGoSqueez, Alamo, Huggies, Joffrey’s coffee and SO many others). We ate insanely awesome food, listened to incredibleFile May 12, 1 05 14 PM speakers, saw the first 33 minutes of Finding Dory (SO SO good and it’s almost finished…June 16th) ANNNND even got to see Alice Through The Looking Glass before it hits theaters on May 27th. PS. It is soooo AWESOME!!! We rode rides like rockstars and my Momma Jane was there for every part of it. She said it was one of the best trips she’s ever been on!! This makes me happy because giving her and my family joy through experiences is what I live for!

Then we got home.

As I said, my mom has had a rough go with her health this first half of 2016. She’s had pneumonia twice, had some ear issues and has had a wicked cough that she can’t seem to shake. She just hasn’t felt really good. And I feel like I live in a constant state of worry. We got back late Sunday night and by Monday night she couldn’t breathe and we had to call 911. Seriously, like 24 hours later we were in the ER. Let me tell you, I’ve only had to call 911 a few times and it was never for me. It was always to help a stranger. It’s so scary! When it’s someone in your family, especially your momma…it is even SCARIER!

So here I am at the hospital where I’ve been with my sweet Momma all week. I barely know what day it is. I’m scared, exhausted and emotional but through it all trying to remain #Faithful. I knowhospital that God has His plan in place and our Faith is strong. I know that He will carry her and our family through whatever this health scare is as he does everything else. Unfortunately, we don’t even really know what is going on because we don’t have a ton of answers yet. We do know at minimum, she has pneumonia, AGAIN. There is also something going on with her lungs and they have been running all sorts of tests and doing procedures to get to the bottom of it. So we remain Faithful and patient for some much needed answers. And my Momma Jane? Well, I know she doesn’t feel well at all but she is doing the best she can to survive yet another bump in the road. She is a tough cookie!

DISNEYSMMCMomWhile I’ve been here at the hospital, it has had me super reflective. I am SO grateful for my Momma Jane and for the fact that that she gets to live with us. Really. I am so lucky and I want to give her the world. She and my daddy were dealt a crappy deck of life cards. He had several heart attacks, triple bypass surgery, an artificial heart valve put in, a minor stroke and then ended his life having congestive heart failure and dementia. My mom has had cancer four times…FOUR times, all while both of them having to take care of each other. Sigh. Seriously. Tack on to that my grandma dying during my first pregnancy, a divorce, cancer myself and then my dad dying during my second pregnancy and this has been our family. But this my friends is why after I got sick six years ago, I chose to truly find the joy in surviving life. To live life big and create as many memories and experiences as possible because you only get to do this life once. To, as the book says, don’t sweat the small stuff. Let the little things go and as Tim McGraw sings in his new song, always stay humble and kind. Trust me, I am sure there are others living similar crazy lives or even worse and that is why I just try and stay focused on every positive thing I can and enjoy living this life with the people I love!

Photo: Preston Mack/Disney

Photo: Preston Mack/Disney

Before I get back to staring at my Momma Jane in her hospital bed and asking her if she wants me to do a little dance for her to keep her entertained, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to those of you who have prayed for our family, it means so much. Thank you for your support on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you to our wonderful friends and neighbors who have been so kind, caring and thoughtful. I am grateful for your texts, calls, prayers, posts, home visits, ALL of it. We feel very fortunate to have each and every one of you.

Sigh…maybe we should have just stayed in Disney! 😉

XO Surviving Mommy







Disclosure: I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. As part of the invite I received discounted room rates as well as tickets and other fun stuff, HOWEVER, everything I write is 100% ALWAYS my own opinions and thoughts! 🙂


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