Good Morning, Good Morning to you!

(Disclosure: RaceTrac partnered with me to share this yummy information with you. As I always say…opinions are my own and I only have relationships with brands and companies that truly represent my family and me.) 

I sing that “Good Morning” song to my two daughters almost every single morning. It’s from one of my favorite musicals Singin’ In The Rain. 

I’ve always been a morning person. As in, good mood, breakfast eater, no snooze alarm hitter morning person here. Yah, it’s annoying I know. Sleeping in ended once I became a mom but quite honestly, you would never have found me sleeping in past 8 or 9 AM anyway…before OR after kids. I guess I’ve always felt like the early bird gets the worm. So yes, I am definitely an early bird! But I can’t do early alone. lol Breakfast and coffee are also a serious must for me to keep my morning going. 

I discovered breakfast at RaceTrac years ago thanks to my husband. Whenever we would road trip from Atlanta to Florida for vacation, we’d only ever stop at a RaceTrac because my husband always said it was the nicest place to stop. Before we moved to Florida six months ago, they put in two brand new RaceTrac locations near our house. We became frequent RaceTrac customers because of the selection of coffees which I talked about last month (see here), the yummy breakfast selections AND Swirl World. What is a Swirl World you ask? Ummm…only a frozen treat place of yumminess INSIDE Racetrac locations and it is everything! Do I have frozen yogurt for breakfast? No, not normally but I totally did on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because why not?! Life is too short! 

But RaceTrac’s ham, egg, and cheese croissant is usually what I grab when I’m picking up my crazy good coffee. I do this sometimes after I drop my daughters off at school because well, duh…sometimes you just have to have your own “thing.” Ha! On this past week’s Coffee Convo Wednesday show, I have a special treat for you so I invite you to watch and win. A chance for you to win one of TWO $25 gift cards to RaceTrac. For whatever gets you going in the morning. Coffee, doughnuts, hot dog, Swirl World, bacon, egg, and cheese croissant…whatever. No judgment here…mornings are hard enough as it is already! 🙂

So let’s do this morning thing…together!



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