Got an athlete in your family? This one is for you!


I remember being in high school and this football player boy I had a crush on got a concussion while playing football. It was super scary! Did you know concussions can happen to anyone? I mean, ANNNNNY ONE! It could happen at your daughter’s cheerleading competition, (my daughter is going into her second year of cheer this year) or your son or daughter’s soccer game. Your husband could fall off a ladder while painting the house or maybe you yourself smack your head on that top cabinet door you keep forgetting to close. That would probably be what would happen to me because I am super clumsy! lol Anyway, but the truth? Yah….it doesn’t take a head slam to get a concussion; however, concussions are a very serious type of brain injury and are not always easy to detect. They can affect your concentration, memory, balance and coordination. And that is no joke!

I found out recently that Gwinnett Medical Center is hosting its first ever Concussion Baseline Testing Day on August 15th.  Peeps who are 12 and up can get a FREE ImPACT baseline test at 19 Gwinnett County high schools (see the list below). Count em, 19 locations to choose from! What is ImPACT? It’s a computer-based neurocognitive tool that looks at five areas of neurocognitive functioning: Verbal Memory, Visual Memory, Visual-Motor Speed, Reaction Time, and Impulse Control. This test establishes a baseline profile of how the brain functions pre-injury, which then gives medical professionals a starting place when they are examining a concussion. Baseline tests last for two years; so it’s kinda like going to the dentist or the doctor, it requires maintenance.

Ya gotta get all registered up to schedule this baseline test. The test doesn’t even take that long…just about 25 minutes to complete. So start to finish y’all are there for about an hour. And let’s be real, an hour isn’t bad right? Shorter than getting your hair did! lol After the testing, you’ll even  have an opportunity to ask the medical professionals questions. An hour of your life to have a concussion baseline for your kids or even yourself? I say, heck yah!Concussion

After the baseline test, results can be used and compared to a similar exam after a suspected concussion. While most people have a tendency to think of concussions as happening to only athletes, remember that they can happen to anyone. Years ago, I whacked and I mean WHAAAAACKED my head on the edge of my car door and landed on the ground. That sucker hurt and I had to get stitches but thankfully, it was not a concussion.

Have kids? Wanna get in on this Concussion Baseline Testing Day? Register here and hurry, space is limited! Don’t forget you have 19 Gwinnett Schools to choose from so mark your calendars for Saturday August 15th! See ya on the 15th!

XO Surviving Mommy

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This post is sponsored by Gwinnett Medical Center; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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