Look!!! We’re gonna be in a movie!!! No, really!

No, really! We are going to be in a movie!! Me, my husband AND my Momma Jane. IN A MOVIE!!!

Ok here’s the deal. There is an awesome playhouse in our neighborhood of Serenbe called Serenbe Playhouse. (FYI…Serenbe is about 45 minutes from the city of Atlanta and was featured on CBS This Morning.) They do AMAZING shows at the Serenbe Playhouse. No joke. They’ve done Oklahoma, Evita, Wizard of Oz and even Streetcar Named Desire (to name a few) starring that hottie from Legally Blonde and The Vampire Diaries, Matthew Davis. The cool thing is they do their shows NOT in an actual playhouse but in the middle of the woods. It’s kinda crazy awesome really. So what does that have to do with being a movie you’re wondering?

This season one of the many awesome shows Serenbe Playhouse is doing is Grease, which also happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies! Right along with Grease 2 of course because I am one of THOSE dorks! But I digress. So the director of the Serenbe Playhouse Brian Clowdus, also a dear friend of mine, called and asked if me, my husband and Momma Jane would like to be in Grease. Well, would we actually like to star IN the movie playing at the drive-in the drive-in scene IN their production of Grease. lol Ya know the part where Danny sings, “Sannnnndy, baaaaaaby!” So we would be IN the movie IN the show. HAHAHAHAHA Yes, we said! 1000%

Here’s why. I have ZERO acting desire and/or ability. Aside from always running around singing like my life is a musical. That being said, when Brian said it was just for this small scene in the Grease production and we would get to cheese it up as much as we wanted…well, duh, you know our family…CHEEEEEESEBALLS, so we were IN! So what are we doing? It’s kinda one of those over-the-top 50’s drive-in horror movies. My husband plays a 50’s nerd. I’m his 50’s girlfriend and Momma Jane well, of course she is a scientist!

We went to Atlanta to film our scene at a really neat place called Big Peach Studios. Before filming, I made sure to stop by a Thrift store to pick up a few threads for my husband and me. Momma Jane already had her lab coat from her Dr. Finkelstein Nightmare Before Christmas costume so we were set. We had MAAAAAAYBE 2-3 lines each but geez Louise, you would have thought that we were about to star in the next big blockbuster movie at the box office the way we were rehearsing. Seriously. As excited as we were…when we arrived at the studio and saw how real it was, I think we all got a little nervous. Thankfully between my friend Brian, the director Bradley Bergeron and his crew, everyone made us feel right at home. 

So while you will hopefully go see Serenbe Playhouse‘s production of Grease and you will probably want to focus (as you should) on the actual stars of the show, Danny and Sandy (aka Michael Stiggers and Randi Garza), please feel free to focus on me, my husband and my mom…just during the drive-in scene! 😉 But in the meantime, please feel to enjoy our cheesy movies below. Seriously, the three of us have been dying laughing over the epic awesomeness of this experience…another great family memory! Thanks Brian and Bradley! 

Get a sneak peek of Serenbe Playhouse’s Grease when Brian Clowdus and the cast join me for a LIVE performance in my kitchen (for real!) this Wednesday morning March 22nd for Coffee Convo Wednesday LIVE at 10AM on Facebook! Grease runs March 23-April 16th at Serenbe Playhouse. But get tix like ASAP because some of the shows are already sold-out!! Maybe that’s because everyone heard our family is starring in it. Ya know, the movie IN the show. HAHA! 

XO Cindy 

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