Guess who is NOT winning Mom Of The Year?

Pippin Girls night out

So I was invited to see Pippin at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. I was raised on musicals, (thanks Momma Jane) so I looooove me some musicals!  I had never seen Pippin but had heard it was pretty great so when I saw it was coming to Atlanta AND playing at The Fox Theater, I was in!  My Momma Jane, my nine year old daughter Lily and my friend Taylor and I made it a girls night!

Lily sat with my mom and Taylor and I sat a few rows ahead of them since our tickets were not together. Going in the only thing I really knew about Pippin was that it had won Tony Awards, it was the same composer as Wicked (which I love!) AND there is a 70 year old Grandma who sings from a trapeze. Why wouldn’t that be awesome to watch?!

What I didn’t know is that it was definitely NOT G-rated. lol E-gah! After a few curse words, innuendos, a boob grabbing and then a whole risque scantily clad number that somewhat mimicked a sexy cage romp…I was practically under my seat dying for my nine year old daughter and mother who were two rows back. Needless to say, so as to not completely have the parent police called on me, we left at intermission with a lesson learned. Mommy needs to make sure to do her research before she goes to the theater with her daughter!

That being said…the acrobats, cirque like performances, the dancing and singing were all great! Thankfully, anything that was super risque went well over my daughter’s head so I don’t think she will be in therapy anytime soon. Sigh. And the grandma part with almost 70 year old television actress Adrienne Barbeau is a must-see!!!

The feeling for me (and my mom and friend Taylor) was reminiscent of the movie Grease. You remember seeing it as a kid but you don’t remember how dirty it is until you watch it as a grown up or WITH your child. Aie yie yie.

OK parents…ever have an experience like this before? PLEASE make me feel better and tell me you have! ha ha

XO Surviving Mommy

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