He did this in public and it changed my life!

File Jan 12, 11 35 50 AMDo you ever have that moment when something happens to you and you look around, like, is this for real? Or you think…are there gonna be cameras and Ashton Kutcher is gonna come out and tell me I’ve been Punk’d?!  Such was the case yesterday but instead of feeling Punk’d, I felt like God just dropped a HUGE gift in my lap!

Yesterday, I went with my mom to a Doctor appointment and in fact, I HAVE to give the office a Surviving Mommy shout out because not only did they have this mack-daddy spread in the waiting room, they have a beautiful soul as one of their patients. So, thank you to Piedmont Heart Institute in Sharpsburg, Georgia  and their manager Regina Steffens for this yummy way to start what was about to be an ah-mazing morning! Ok, so here’s what happened. My mom and I were sitting in the waiting room and this older gentleman came in, checked in at the front desk and thenFile Jan 12, 11 00 57 AM came over to my mom and me and asked if we would like to hear him sing God Bless America. So of course the ONLY response any American should have to that question is HECK YAH! So then he said he wanted to tell us about himself and I of course, being who I am and doing what I do for a living, asked this nice gentleman if I could please record him because I knew something special was about to happen. Oh yes, he was totally IN! Who was this man? He is 89 years old, his name is Harold L. Barber and he was in the Marines AND the Army. He even has a purple heart and HE is my new favorite person!

He sang 3-4 songs and he even had a list of songs on a piece of paper in his pocket, ya know, his song repertoire. 🙂 He also shared his entire life story with all of us and what a story it is. When he sang, every person in the waiting room sang too. You can hear it on the video below! I almost cried at least three times because HE showed me what life is alllllll about. Really! He was SUCH a blessing to me yesterday morning. Here I am at the Dr’s office with my mom, of course we were both a little anxious, and this man came in without a care in the world and just wanted to share his joy with all of us. Lemme tell you, he affected me. He made my entire day and I haven’t stopped thinking of him! It was the first thing I shared with husband on the phone (although he follows me on Periscope so he saw it too) and it was the first thing I shared with my 10yo daughter when I picked her up from carpool. When I was on Periscope (@SurvivingMommy if you want to follow), someone even mentioned they also saw him at a local Post Office singing away! Harold L. Barber reminded me that EVERY day is a Blessing and that we need to Carpe Diem the heck out of each day AND life. Period.

Oh and the office told me that he comes in every Monday for his appointment and sings for everyone. So he does this every week!! Bet you can guess which day I told my mom she needs to start scheduling her appointments! I haven’t stopped thinking about him since this happened and every single time, I  want to cry from happiness, so thank you Harold L. Barber, thank you being a true gift!

XO Surviving Mommy

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