Help! I don’t know how to ask for this!

Help! I don’t know how to ask for this. “This” being help. Really. I don’t know how to ask for help and this is something I said recently to my friend and MOMpreneur, yes, mompreneur (it’s totally a thing) Lorrie Thomas Ross when we were having coffee. I do a weekly Facebook live show called Coffee Convo Wednesday and I asked Lorrie (aka “Wild Web Woman”) to be on the show because she’s been working from home for over ten years now running her very own and very successful web marketing business called Web Marketing Therapy. She has a special place in her heart for web-based business which inspired her to also launch Wild Web Women, a company that supports women in growing their web-based business. She has a system that optimizes your web-based business so it works to support the happiness, health and wealth you deserve! Ummm…yes, please!

In addition to talking to Lorrie about how do you ask for help, I wanted to pick her brain about working from home. Even if you don’t work at all OR you go into an office/place of business, you still run a home too right? That’s working from home! Or maybe you literally work from home like Lorrie and me who have actual businesses IN our home. Perhaps you have a company, want to start a web-based business, own an Etsy shop or you run a multi-level marketing business. All of these fall under the “working from home” umbrella.

I’ve been working from home just about two years now so I feel like I’m still trying to master it all. I have two daughters, 11 and four and while my oldest goes to school full-time, my youngest only does a half day right now. What that means for me is in the morning, I’m good. However, once she gets home from school at noon and I feed her lunch…she is home. Ya know, aka my office. Lorrie gave me some great advice about really setting the tone in my house/office. Set the guidelines with the family so that when Mommy is in her “workspace,” they know there needs to be some quiet time. She even suggested using headphones (for me!) so that the little one knows when she sees them on Mommy, it means shhhhhh, Mommy is on a call. I kinda love this!

I’ve also learned something about myself…I do NOT like to ask for help. Not sure why or if this stems from something else deeper, ha ha, but I just prefer to try and do it all myself. I turn into an awkward turtle when I have to ask for help. Lorrie suggests small steps which was some more really great advice from her.

In fact, why not watch and listen to our fun Coffee Convo Wednesday below to hear our entire conversation. It was pretty insightful for me!

It helps to lean on other women to be successful. Whether it’s being successful in your work life, home life or just life, period. My main take-away from my time with Lorrie on Coffee Convo Wednesday? There is no shame in my ask-for-help game. Something I know I need to work on because it takes a village right? We can’t do this alone and we shouldn’t have to. I’m grateful to Lorrie for her tips and her honesty and for taking some time out of her busy work from home schedule to be a part of mine.

I’m thinking I wanna pick Lorrie’s brain more, if you do too, comment below with your questions or thoughts. I think if I bribe her with a cup of coffee…or two, I bet she’d join me again on Coffee Convo Wednesday!

XO Cindy 

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