HOW could my husband do this to me??!!


Recently when my girlfriend Taylor and I were out to dinner, we had a conversation about leftovers. How great they are! No really, we were laughing at how wonderful it is when you don’t have to cook for one night (or even two) because there was a big meal the other night or you ate out and the meals were so big that you ended up with leftovers. We also discussed how there is an unspoken rule in our houses. The don’t eat MY leftovers without asking rule. lol

Many years ago when I had an early morning radio show a “situation” happened in our house after work one afternoon. Let me explain. My husband and I had eaten out at a pizza place the night before and I came home with my leftover Bar-B-Q chicken pizza that I had not finished. When you work reallllllly early in the morning, you want to eat lunch at like 10am in the morning. So I came home after work, ravenous and so excited to eat my leftover Bar-B-Q chicken pizza. When I opened up the refrigerator though…no pizza. Not even one slice, Surely our house had been robbed. I checked around. The TV was still on the wall. The laptop was there. Even the checkbook was still on the counter. Hmmmm…my mind was boggled. I just knew my husband would not have done this to me. I called him anyway and after discussing our morning I innocently asked, “hey babe…do you know what happened to my leftover pizza?” FULLY expecting his mind to be boggled like mine. His reply? “I ate it.” Silence on my end. Who was this man on the phone and what did he do with my husband? I am embarrassed to admit that kindness was NOT my strong suit in that conversation.

Fast forward to this dinner with my friend Taylor to where I was bragging on my husband and how awesome he was for not divorcing me for being such a spazoid about the pizza years ago and that he also kindly always asks now if he can eat “my leftovers” before devouring them.


After said dinner with my friend Taylor, I took her by this candy shop to try one of my FAVORITE secret indulgences. The chocolate covered gummy bear. I don’t tell many people about this specialgummy treat because it is just that, special. It’s chocolate. It’s gummy. It’s like a perfect bite of yummy in your mouth every single time. BUT you can only get them in one of those candy shops where you scoop your candy into a bag. So I scooped some into a bag, gave her a few and put my prized possesion little baggy in my purse to take home.

When I got home that evening. I put the special little bag in the pantry. Not just in the pantry though, HIGH up in the pantry and for those of you who have kids you know why. Mommy can NEVER have a secret little indulgence because she has to share. Now I know this goes against everything I try to teach my daughters. Share, be kind…blah blah blah. But NOT when it comes to my secret little indulgence of chocolate covered gummy bears. So as I put the remaining six gummies away…HIGH up in the pantry, I said to my husband. “Gotta hide these little suckers from the girls, hahaha!” The next evening after dinner, I went into the pantry. HIGH up in the pantry to retrieve my secret little indulgence. The perfect way to end the day…with a small bite of chocolate. But alas, it was not there. I searched and searched and nothing. I asked my husband if he had seen my special little bag? The look he gave me was one of sheer horror. Like he remembered the “pizza situation” from many moons past. His words? “I gave them to Luna for a snack.” He gave them to our 3yo daughter FOR A SNACK? He GAVE her Mommy’s secret little indulgence? Like my brain couldn’t even process this terrible news. I had two good servings left in that bag and he gave her BOTH? I had been looking forward to that bite ALL day and he just gave it to some three year old little girl. Ok, granted it was OUR three year old and I do love her but still, how could he wrong me like this. It was like I didn’t know him anymore.

gummy1I am embarrassed to admit AGAIN that kindness didn’t enter my mind. I started having flashbacks of my Bar-B-Q chicken pizza and I just stared at him in utter shock and disbelief that he would do this to me…again. MY HUSBAND. The man who is kind, thoughtful, generous, loving…he did this to me? What is happening in the world.

However this time, while staring at him in utter shock and disbelief I took a deep breath and said, “it’s ok honey, I hope she enjoyed them.” I walked upstairs and took a deep breath. This too shall pass I kept repeating to myself. I figured this was even maybe a sign from God. I’ve been on a healthy eating thing for the last few months and maybe I wasn’t “supposed” to have anymore chocolate covered gummy bears. Or maybe it was time for me to “share” them with my girls. Regardless, it was sweet that he shared them with our three year old daughter.

Naaaah. Let’s be real and call it what it is…My husband is a dirty crook and he robbed me of my secret little indulgence and he will have to pay. 😉

XO Surviving Mommy

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