How do you feel about hand-me-downs?

When my daughter Lily was a baby, I started saving all of her stuff for my Nashville bestie Chandra who was having a baby girl, Jade about a year after me. I never thought I was having anymore kids so off they went. Once I had my second daughter Luna, I got all of Lily’s hand-me-downs back from Chan PLUS some more from her daughter Jade. It was AWESOME! When she and her daughter come to visit or vice versa, she will always hook me up! 

I’ve also gotten stuff for Luna from Lily’s BFF Reese, from Lily’s other friend Addy and even my sweet friend Devon who lives in our neighborhood has passed on stuff for Luna from her daughter Lila. Lily recently received some stuff from our neighbor friend Jeny who has two teenaged daughters. Lily acted like she won the kid lottery with all of the new “cool” clothes! She was so excited! I’m always so grateful when friends offer! Always!

People always ask the same question before they offer to give you anything though…How do you feel about hand-me-downs? Maybe there is some stigma with it or something but not for me! I always have the same answer…yes, yes and YES!! I’m a big fan of hand-me-downs. For several reasons. 

  1. Ummm…duh, kids grow fast. Who wants to spend a bunch of money on clothes and shoes they will wear for six months to a year?
  2. My friends have GREAT taste which means, so do their kids! (See previous post where I go on and on about my stylish friends)
  3. There ain’t no shame in my used clothing game!

I’m all about consignment too but I don’t consign. Only because we have always donated pretty much everything we let go of to an organization called Wellspring Living. They have retail stores called Wellspring Treasures located throughout the city of Atlanta. I love donating to them because they sell our donations in their retail stores to raise money to help survivors of sex-trafficking. Plus we feel that we are called to Bless others so we try to donate whenever we can. We’ve been involved with Wellspring Living for six years and Lily loves to go through her toys, books etc to donate to Wellspring! Even though I don’t consign, I loooove me some consignment shopping. Our whole family does! In fact, the cardigan sweater I’m wearing right now as I write this is from a consignment store in my neighborhood! Bought it last year! Yep, $10. Woot! Woot!

ALL of the clothes (and shoes) that my daughter Luna is wearing in these pictures are hand-me-downs!

Sooo it begs the question, how do you feel about hand-me-downs?

XO Surviving Mommy 



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