How scary is too scary for kids?

SCARYDo you let your kids watch PG-13 movies if they are NOT 13 years old? We usually never do but we made an exception a few years back when we let our then 7 year old (now 9) watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She wasn’t scared and really enjoyed them. We also let her watch The Avengers last year which she loved!
We try to teach her that it’s like Halloween and it’s fake and there are costumes, make-up and even special effects. Sleepy Hollow is playing at a playhouse in our neighborhood and I took our nine year old to get a sneak peek behind the scenes so she could see the make-up and costumes and she was so into it! They even put make-up on Mommy which she thought that was super cool! Fantasy and superhero movies don’t seem too bad to me but I would love to know how other parents police the movies that your kids watch?  Is PG-13 ok sometimes? What are YOUR guide lines?
XO Surviving Mommy

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