I am hungry! lol

ICANDOITSo my baby is five months now and I have about 15 pounds left to go of my baby weight. I know, it’s not that bad really but it’s still hard! I don’t know if it’s because A. this is my second baby, B. I am older, C. my cancer body isn’t the same or D. ALL OF THE ABOVE, lol, but it is sooooo much harder this time around.

I signed up for Weight Watchers a few weeks ago and I was down 7 pounds until this week when I gained a pound. Booooooo! But, I am trying to stay strong and forge ahead. Part of the problem is I am hungry. This is not Weight Watchers fault but the fact that I don’t eat veggies. And any healthy eating plan is more difficult when you don’t eat veggies. Sigh.

So I welcome any suggestions from you. If you have been on Weight Watchers before and you know some tricks of the trade, help a sister out!!! Thanks!!!! ICANDOiIT2

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