I got this in the mail today!


I looooooove getting cards in the mail! I think I get that from my Momma Jane. She owns stock in Hallmark Greeting cards. Ok, not really, but she comes from that generation of loving sending and receiving cards. Thankfully, she passed that on to me. While I am not ALWAYS great about sending them, I try to be good about at least sending Thank You cards…something else my Mom taught me was important.

I love that some of my friends appreciate the art of a good card too. I also love that they know me so well and they know what will make me smile. Anything French, cupcakes, you get the idea. It really can be something simple like these Paris cards my bestie Heather sent me years ago that I still have on my bulletin board. Or this beautiful message card that another bestie Stacy sent me today. She knows me well enough to know that I just needed it. And I did, it made a very long day have a bright spot in it.

Although cards aren’t cheap anymore, a hand-written note can have the same effect. How do you feel about greeting cards? Do you send them? Like receiving them?

XO Surviving Mommy



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