I have never been in this store…until now.

2015-10-10 10.13.14Before we moved to the “country” a year ago, (aka 45 mins South of Atlanta), I remembered seeing this store when I was over at Perimeter Point but I didn’t know what it was really. I figured by 2015-10-10 10.47.30the FIVE BELOW
name though it must mean that everything is $5 and below. Hence the name Five Below right?! I know, I’m pretty perceptive eh? Well, since we moved to the country, one of our usual new hangout spots is Newnan and low and behold they have a Five Below in Newnan right off Bullsboro Drive. So last weekend, I piled the family in the car for our shopping excursion. I knew once I walked in, my ten year old was going to freak and boy was I right but actually everyone in the fam kinda flipped. They.had.everything! I mean everything and that is because everything, everyday is just $5 and below.

Let’s discuss my ten year old Lily first. She is OBSESSED with Beanie boos so you can see where she ran to first. She also picked up some soccer earrings for2015-10-10 10.36.16 herself and one of her classmate’s Birthday party that we were heading to later that day.

My almost three year old and my husband disappeared to the sports section and I didn’t see them for about 15 minutes because they were too busy playing. My Momma Jane (who lives with us) found all sorts of goodies for her two teenage granddaughters in California. She shopped ahead for Christmas and was pretty happy to make a dent in her Christmas list!
2015-10-10 10.36.57I was pretty excited myself when I came across these Disney Minnie Mouse beanies for our December trip to Walt Disney World. I picked up a few extra for the family we are meeting up with when we are there for Christmas vacation. I was thinking “awesome cheap price at Five Below or really expensive later at a souvenir shop”. Easy decision!2015-10-10 12.34.48 Done! Thank YOU Five Below! I then got a little side-tracked when I saw all of the Star Wars stuff too but had to regain focus because at that point we were pushing an hour being in Five Below…an HOUR! No joke. After I hung out in the candy section for while, it was time to wrangle everyone up to head to lunch.

I can’t believe it took me this long to get into a Five Below. Fo’ real. Between Star Wars, Disney, Avengers and Frozen…I know what I will be putting into my shopping store rotation, Five Below! Just a warning. It’s like a shopping vortex though, once you walk in to Five Below…don’t plan on walking out anytime soon without a serious haul of awesome stuff. Plus it’s also a GREAT place for your kids to spend their own money! Oh and did I mention the Halloween section?! Seriously.

XO Surviving Mommy

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