My husband “says” I just did this in front of him for the first time ever!


My husband and I have been together for going on seven years. I feel very strongly about keeping some things private and sacred in our relationship. I believe in trying to keep elements of romance alive as much as possible. Something that does NOT assist in keeping romance alive is…here I go, I’m gonna say it right here…TOOTING! Sigh. Yes, I know…a word or action that noone really likes to talk about but one that we ALL (yes, ALLLLL) do. As in YOU, your family, your friends, your Pastor, Thor, Sophia Vergara, Bradley Cooper, Olivia Pope, THE Pope, EVERYONE! Unfortunately, I am writing about it today because he SAYS I broke our rule. MY OWN RULE. The no tooting rule. I broke it according to him. He “SAAAAAID” I did it. hee hee

HONEYIt all started around 6am when our youngest daughter Luna got up WAY earlier than normal. My hubster and I both got awake but I went in her room to check on her. After I settled her back into bed until 7am, I crawled back into our bed and started checking emails on my phone while my husband was asleep. OR SO I THOUGHT! Now to give you a little history, a SEMI TRUCK could drive through our room and he wouldn’t wake up. A flock of BIRDS could fly through our bedroom cawing and cackling and he wouldn’t wake up! But ohhhhh noooo, not today. A tiny little sound MAY have happened BY ACCIDENT and what does this guy do? He WAKES UP and says, uhhhhh…what was that? I panicked and said, “what?” (Playing coy and innocent). He said, “Did you just TOOT?” And I said, “Toot? What are you talking about?” Awkward silence. I thought he went back to sleep. I said nothing else. I was ecstatic. He has NO proof! Maybe he will think he had a dream. A bad dream. Then a little while later the alarm went off and we got our day started. I thought, YES…I’m free and clear. He doesn’t remember…I am off the hook IF that is in fact what I did. Yahhhhh…NO SUCH LUCK. Just as our oldest daughter Lily was getting her shoes on for school, he said to her…”Guess what MOMMY did today for the first time ever honey?” BUSTED according to him! “Seriously…is nothing sacred in our house” is what I said to him to which he, OF COURSE, replied…”Really? Apparently, not any more!”

So there you have it. I will NOT admit it. It may or may not have happened. That being said, I kindly told my sweet Hubster that IF it did in fact happen, it was a one time only occurrence and it didn’t mean we were free to be ummm…free. But it got me to thinking…what is the relationship rule in your house? Are you in a toot-free relationship or are you totally free to be ummm…free? 😉

XO Surviving Mommy