I just did TWO things out of my comfort zone!

Three babes

I don’t think anyone who knows me would say that I am shy, probably the opposite! Ummm…hello, I blog AND talk on the radio for a living, but sometimes…I’m just not a huge fan of being out of my comfort zone. I am sure most people are like this though. Right?? That being said, over the weekend I did two things that took me outside of that comfy cozy place and…it ended up not being a bad thing.

1. Friday night I went to a party where I knew NOONE! But, I thought what the heck, why not?! A pretty cool company BlogHer and SheKnows put on an event for local bloggers at a downtown Atlanta restaurant Alma Cocina where I had never been. I ended up meeting a fabulous and sassy new friend named Lisa who writes a blog appropriately called SassyPieHole. We were instant friends. Thankfully my spunky friend Desiree who writes an awesome blog called Stress Free Baby also came and the three of us had a BLAST hanging out! We ate super yummy food, tried a new blood orange margarita (deelish!), laughed hysterically and talked about all things life. I seriously cannot wait to see these ladies again! Sweet, Sassy and Spunky is what we called our new little group! 🙂

2. Last Summer my dear friend Brian Clowdus asked me to be the Chair for the 2015 BrianCindy
Serenbe Playhouse Gala
. (You can read more about how that all went down here.) I had NEVER chaired anything ever. I mean, I can sometimes barely sit in a chair but that may be when I’ve had too much wine. I kid, I kid. Sort of. But, I digress. Saturday night after seven months of planning, the Gala happened and it was everything! God even spared us from the forecasted thunderstorms. Gala goers ate, drank, danced, donated and even enjoyed a performance from Evita (one of the upcoming shows at the Serenbe Playhouse).

The best part of the night for me was watching it all come together. After so much planning, almost like a wedding really…to see it all unfold…well, it just felt so wonderful. I was very proud! We have GREAT friends who came to be a part of my husband’s company’s VIP tent (My Smart Shirt). Some of our friends didn’t even know each other but it didn’t matter because our friends are all so kind and full of life, everybody instantly bonded and an awesome time was had by all!

Had I not gone to the Blogger meet up Friday night or had I not signed on to chair the Gala…I would have missed spending time with some amazing women AND I would have missed one of the best parties ever! So it definitely IS good to get out of that comfort zone or good life moments may just pass you by!

XO Surviving Mommy


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