I lost a piece of my heart today.

2011-01-31 17.25.47I met my fur baby Winchester almost 14 years ago when he was eight weeks old. I met him in Winchester, TN which is why he got that name. Plus, I liked the idea of a big name for little dog. I remember bringing him home in the car. He peed, pooped and even threw up on me that first day but I didn’t care. He looked like a furry piece of yummy chocolate and I was in love. I was living in Nashville and he was my trusty companion. He was my buddy through moving to Atlanta, through Divorce, Breast Cancer, a new marriage, through the births of two children and the death of my File Nov 11, 4 38 35 PMsweet daddy. He was known to all of my friends as Winnie, Winnie Pooh and Wincocker when Lily couldn’t say his name Winchester.

I have been allergic to dogs since I was a little girl but by golly, I was NOT gonna be allergic to Winnie. He was such a good dog too. He learned as a puppy to ring a bell to let us know when he had to go to the bathroom. He could shake hands and even bow his head to pray when asked. He only barked if someone was at the door. He didn’t like the rain and he loved a peanut butter treat every now and then. He was such a chill doggie and he loved to snuggle on your lap.

I’ve had friends come and go in my life but they all, regardless if they are still in my life or not, knew and loved Winnie and I loved them for that. I’ve had friends who let Winnie stay with them while we were on vacation and they liked that he would crawl under their covers to the foot of their bed. Off the top of my head, thank you Scotty, Casey, Nanny Lauren, Mr. Joel, Mr. Larry and Dale for those sweet sleepovers.Lilydoggie

When my ten year old daughter Lily was attacked by dogs a few years ago, she came home from the hospital and instantly went to him…fearless. She knew he was safe.

Recently he became really, really sick. In some ways, his deterioration reminded me of the last few months of my Dad. Winnie went from being like aFile Nov 11, 4 39 07 PM Benjamin Buttons kind of dog…seemingly getting younger as he got older and then poof…that all changed overnight. My heart has been breaking these last two weeks watching this happen. No one wants to see someone they love suffer. I loved this dog. I did. I loved my Winchester. He lived a long, full life and boy, I am gonna miss him. He was a part of our family. He was a piece of my heart and I lost that piece today. Today, I am sad. Very, very sad.

Rest in peace Winnie, I love you.

XO Surviving Mommy

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