I need some help with this and I need it NOW!

SleepFINALI realize the importance of this. I realize it affects your health. Your weight. Your mental awareness. All of the above. I am SO over it being a problem I cannot even tell you. Years ago, I tried a prescription medicine for it but I don’t like taking medicine so I stopped. I tried over the counter stuff but again, I don’t like taking medicine so I stopped. I even recently tried my essential oils and that was totally helping but now it is not. It is sleep. I NEED TO SLEEP!!!

It has been happening for three weeks now. Not every night but a good half of the week at least. Sometimes I go right to sleep and then wake up in the middle of the night and when I do, I can’t go back to sleep. For HOURRRRS! Sometimes I can’t go to sleep at all and then when I finally do, I only get about four hours. One night last week, I didn’t sleep AT ALL. Like not even a wink. And that was the night before I had to get up very early to speak at a Breast Cancer Survivor breakfast. It makes me nuts too. I am dragging the next day but I don’t do caffeine so yahhhh…theree is that! I can’t focus. I am 100% positive this is why I forgot to take my youngest to Ballet one day and then one day I went to carpool to pick up my oldest and had forgotten she was getting picked up by someone else. Seriously.

Ok, so here’s where you come in. I need help! I am open to any suggestions you may have for not only how to get to sleep but staying asleep!

XO Surviving Mommy


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