I need your help ASAP! My daughter JUST asked me this question!!


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Let me set the stage for you. My ten year old daughter and I were driving to school and we were chatting about our new puppy Loki. I mentioned that when we get back from our next Disney trip in May for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I’m attending (with the fam), we’re gonna have to take Loki to get “fixed.” She asked me what he has to get “fixed” for and I explained so that he couldn’t have babies. She said, “Oh no, so if we did NOT get him fixed, Loki could have puppies? But that would be awesome Mom!” Me not even REALLLLY thinking said, “no, no, no, honey…webabies have to get him fixed so that Loki can’t make other girl doggies have puppies.” Total silence for a minute and then she said, “well doesn’t God just put the puppies in their tummies like he puts babies in Mommy’s tummies?” Me…”Well, technically yes, God does put babies in our tummies but there is alot more to it than that honey.” She then asked, “well, how ARE babies made then Mommy?” Then it was my turn for total silence. Of course we were about to pull up to carpool so I had to tell her that there was alot to explain and we could talk about it as soon as she got home.

OH EM GEE you guys!!! She is TEN! I know I live in the mommy fantasyland of never wanting my girls to grow up which CLEARLY is ridiculous but OH EM GEE, she’s ten!!! I thought I had at least another year or so. Sigh. I already bought her the American Girl Doll books that talk about your body, changes, feelings etc, but I was hoping I would have more time before we had to have the BIG talk.

Like last week she discovered that her “chest” was a little tender and sore so we talked about her body and how it was growing and used those American Girl doll books to go over changes and feelings. We talked about bras, breasts and even milk for your babies etc to which she replied, “Does breast milk taste like almond milk?” Which of course made me laugh so hard I thought I was gonna spit out my water. But I knew if she was already talking about boobies, that the other conversation was right around the corner but like I said, I thought I had more time. I can’t shake the visual of looking at her now at ten years old but still seeing my first little baby in this picture.File Apr 13, 10 51 20 AM Waaaaa. Why can’t time just stand still?!

Alright, I know, I know, I need to fast forward my mourning process and get over it and get to the task at hand like now, because I do NOT want her to have this conversation with anyone else first.

Sooooo, how did YOU all have the “talk” with your kids? Lay it on me. I will take any of your advice, book and video recommendations and pearls of wisdom, whatever!

Let’s do this people. It takes a village and I need this village to act quickly cus I got some ‘splainin’ to do. 🙂


XO Surviving Mommy

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