I never thought I would get an email like this…

HAIRSUNSETWhen you make a career change, it can be super scary, nerve wracking and exciting…all at the same time! When I had my radio show, I also started blogging for the radio station. That was about six years ago when I started writing about my journey with Breast Cancer. I love writing. I love telling stories. I love feeling that sharing my story, my personal struggles, my truth…could somehow, someway maybe help others too. It is so cathartic for me and it feels like maybe this is what God called me to do. Showing others they’re not alone and that we’re all kinda in this thing called life together. Whether it’s Cancer, parent mess ups, wife fails, proud moments, family health issues, successes, failures…it’s all about keeping it real. Good, bad AND ugly.

About a month ago, I shared how I had been using essential oils in our family for over the last year. I also said the reason I had NOT shared that with all of you over this last year is because I neverFile Jun 19, 5 36 05 PM wanted to seem like I was trying to “sell” something to you, my Surviving Mommy family. But here’s the thing…when you find something that makes a HUGE difference in your family and your friends…how can you NOT share it with everyone in your family and friends circle. Duh…aka ALL OF YOU!

Just in the last week, I’ve received THREE emails and a voicemail from friends of mine who asked me about essential oils, then tried them and now they are obsessed. I wanted to share their words with you because THIS is why I do what I do. This is why I write. This is why I share real life. This is why I share about my essential oils journey. It feels good to make a difference!

Email #1. Ok, so i have to say i was a little skeptical about the voodoo oils. Maybe, A LOT! Lol Any whoo, I have been getting these horrible head pains. Do not know if it’s related to my fibromyalgia or not. My brain hurts all the way to my eyeball sockets. Last night I had one and thought, why not? Took the peppermint and followed instructions and guess what? Cindy, it worked. Just want to say thank you soooooo much. Xoxoxox ❤️  Zondra

KristyEmail #2 . I can’t wait for my other oils to come in !!!  I’m a happy girl !!! All thanks to you !! You are a lifesaver !!! It’s helped with my sleep, issues with anxiousness… Moodiness !!! I could be a freaking walking billboard !!People even tell me that there is something different about me. They say I have a glow. I’m more happy, I laugh more. — Kristy 

Email #3. I’ve been using DoTerra’s Deep Blue for my “monthly discomfort”!  Love it! Thanks. Love, T.

And if those THREE emails were not enough, my girlfriend just left me a voicemail yesterday that said…“OH EM GEE! I tried the oils you recommended for my “girlie issue” and I felt a TON better. No, really. I actually went and picked up my prescription for it anyway, used it and nothing. So I went back to using the essential oils and bam, gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” 

Y’all…this is what I am talking about! Hearing these four stories makes me wanna burst! I can’t make this up. Ok, well I guess I could-haha- but that would defeat the purpose of keeping it real with you guys. This is the stuff that life is about! Feeling good. Feeling healthy. Feeling happy. And getting to help people NATURALLY with this is pretty darn awesome!

Full disclosure, I had kinda been in a funk this last week. Under the weather, busy schedule, eating like a cow, feeling a little overwhelmed…just sort of feeling like that ho-hum cloud has beenANGRYFACE hanging over my head. God just always seems to know what you need at exactly the right time though because getting this feedback was like a little life gift and it knocked me right out of my funk. Yay!

Thanks for letting me share the good, bad and ugly with you and if you get to that place where you ever feel like you want to email me to learn more about essential oils…just shoot me an email Cindy@SurvivingMommy.com or check out my website here.

XO Surviving Mommy

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