I recently learned something new about my husband.

File Dec 16, 9 38 51 AMI recently learned something new about my husband. I find it exciting that after so many years of being together, I can uncover new things about him and our relationship. It’s kinda fun and funny at the same time! So what is it? He has a weird thing about smells. No, really. A few weeks ago one of my best friends gave us a beautiful bouquet of flowers. White roses and white lilies. Just beautiful. Well after the roses died, I had this beautiful bunch of lilies that were left and just starting to opening up. They smelled AH-mazing. Or so IIIII thought. My husband thought they smelled like rotten poo. No really. That’s what he said. Rotten poo which he even admitted is totally redundant. So that gives you an idea of how much he hated this smell. lol He complained about these things every single day but I looooooved the smell. Lilies and orchids remind me of Hawaii and I have always loved those flowers and the smell. I think by day four, he was done though. So because I love my husband, I finally threw them away.

But since we are discussing gross smells, let’s discuss our hand soap. Pine! I like the smell of a Christmas tree as much as the next person but do I realllllyFile Dec 16, 9 30 37 AM need my hands smelling like a Christmas tree? He LOOOOOOOVES this smell because it reminds him of Christmas trees and a Christmas smell from his childhood. So because of that AND because I seriously love my husband, the pine soap in our bathroom stays. The good thing is that he packs the soap away with the decorations so it only comes out once a year. Praise Jesus!

What smell is on your bad list?

XO Surviving Mommy

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