I saw Star Wars!!! Don’t worry, NO spoilers!

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I was but a wee little lass when my Momma Jane took me to see Star Wars. You know…the FIRST one according to me and my generation. 😉 We went to see it at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood where I grew up. Star Wars was my childhood. We played Star Wars with the kids in our neighborhood. Since there were two of us girls, I always ended up having to play C3PO since my childhood BFF was brunette so she got to be Princess Leia but whatever, I’m not bitter. Lol We played with Star Wars toys, we saw all three movies together. This was one of the biggest movies of my generation.

Fast forward to years ago when those “other” three Star Wars movies came out. The ones I didn’t go see because I believed they didn’t count in my opinion. So when I heard a year ago that another new Star Wars was coming out, I was pretty skeptical at first. UNTIL. Until I heard that the original cast was back, realized Disney bought the rights ANNNND J.J. AbramsFile Dec 07, 12 04 12 PM was directing it. I mean come on, it would HAVE to be ah-amazing, right? Duh, he did Felcitiy, Alias and Lost to name a few! I was soooo IN it wasn’t even funny. SO in in fact, I started planning our 2015 Christmas card back in January. In case you missed THAT whole story, click here.

2015-11-14 21.42.23-1So when I got invited to see an advanced screening of this new Star Wars movie yesterday…THREE days before it opened, I didn’t walk to the theater, I ran! I put on my red Cover Girl Star Wars lipstick and my Star Wars sweater that one of my bestie’s Stephanie got me and I was ready! I was geeked out about it, I owned it and my family said “have fun!”

Because I am sooooo against ruining anyone’s movie experience and I don’t believe in spoilers, I will just give you my very brief opinion with NO specific information. Ready???

Star War The Force Awakens IS EVERYTHING! EVERYYYYYYTHING!!!!!!!!

Rey is my new favorite she-ro. I cannot wait to take my ten year old daughter to see this movie so she can see what a total bad a$$ Rey is. And you know how I feel about strong women in my life, so Rey is now on my list!

Bringing back the original cast was THE smartest thing J.J. Abrams, the director, did. The force is strong with him! Bring the old fans back and create new ones at the same time. Multi-generational marketing. Brilliant. Total win! I saw the first Star Wars with my Momma Jane and got to see this one with my mom too. Another awesome memory made!

Adam Driver, the guy who plays the evil Kylo-Ren might be my new favorite oddly hot villain guy. Could be just me though. We’ll see what you think. Haha

Oh and loved seeing Greg Grunberg from Felicity, Heroes and my fave Alias fame too! J.J. rocked this cast!

I laughed, I cried, I had so many different emotions. It not only lived up to every Star Wars expectation I had, it exceeded them! I hope you love it as much as I did. Would love to hear from you after you see it. Email me at cindy@survivingmommy.com or come back and comment here! IF you see it. lol If Star Wars doesn’t remotely interest you at all, thanks for making it this far. 🙂

May the force be with you!

XO Surviving Mommy

Check out Stress Free Baby’s review here. This is my girlfriend Desiree who was sitting right next to me! She was not an uber Star Wars fan and has an interesting perspective!



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