I think she likes him better!


My husband Eric and I have a little joke in our house. He thinks our oldest Lily likes me better and I think that our youngest Luna likes him better. Now obviously, (or hopefully-haha) that is not LilyMommytrullllly the case, but sometimes we notice that one of the kids may have a tendency to gravitate more toward one of us than the other. We also think this is pretty normal, right?!

Lately, our youngest Luna has been super affectionate with me though and much more snuggly which she is normally not. She is usually Daddy’s girl. I don’t know if that is because I work from home and am home more with her now or just the stage in her life.LunaDaddy Our oldest who usually seems to gravitate toward me also really likes to have her Daddy-Daughter time. I think with Lily, it’s also more that she is growing up and having feelings and emotions that maybe she feels like I would understand more? When I was younger I definitely remember going more to my mom for stuff than my dad but that is also because he was super strict. haha But I do remember, having many Daddy-Daughter moments with him that I so cherished. I also think he and I became closer to him the more I grew into adulthood. And the more I knew he couldn’t ground me anymore. 😉

My husband and I talked about this whole dynamic the other day and were wondering if any other families share this experience as well? Do any of your kids seem to gravitate toward one of you more than the other?

XO Surviving Mommy

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