I waited until my daughter was almost THREE before I did this…

hair twoMy youngest daughter Luna will be three in October right before Halloween. How have almost three years gone by already??!! I can’t even believe this at all! She is going to start going to school in a week  (eeeek!) and because of this, I decided that I would cut her hair. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Yahhhh, I haven’t cut my daughter’s hair once since she was born. Her hair is pretty fine and it’s not like she looks like Disney’s Rapunzel or anything, but the truth is, she was starting to get a little Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1992. Yes, she was getting a mullet or a tail, both of which are NOT a cute look on a two year old girl.

So I took both her and her older sister to get haircuts before school starts next week. My oldest Lily has an above her shoulders bob because her hair on2hair is fine too and she can better manage a shorter do, plus she loves it. With Luna, I could barely stomach cutting anything, so I really only cut the mullet part off. You can’t even tell she got a hair cut. I know, I’m lame! lol

Maybe because I know this is my last one and I want her to stay a baby. Maybe I am a silly mom. I don’t know, but I wanted to burst into tears when Luna was sitting in the chair. This week, the first haircut, next week, the first day of school…next, it will be college and then a wedding. Waaaaaaaa. Why does time have to go so fast??!!

At what age did you take your kid for their first hair cut? Anyone wait longer than me? 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy

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