I will NEVER say this word in front of my daughters!


My husband and I were having dinner with a group of friends last week and I got into a conversation with another woman who is also a mom about body image. She has a toddler son as well as a baby girl. We talked about insecurities with our bodies and the unnecessary pressure that we put on ourselves as women. She shared with me that she doesn’t know how she will handle positive body talk when her daughter is old enough since she can’t seem to master it even now when she is a baby. I told her I was the same way but that after going through Breast Cancer, I made a promise to myself and to my then only one daughter. I would never say anything negative about my body OR any other woman’s body in front of my daughters, now plural. In fact, I will go out of my way to speak kindly about myself in the mirror whether they are listening or not. And most importantly, I will never ever EVERRRR use the word FAT in front of them. We have got to support each other and ourselves and we have got to stop obsessing about body image! Big, small, thin or not. We all come in different and wonderful shapes and sizes!

I told my friend that my oldest daughter once told me I had jiggly thighs. Sure, it hurt my feelings and my inner wanna be supermodel skinny girl wanted to burst into tears, BUT instead I looked at my File Nov 29, 1 24 16 PMdaughter  and said, “Yep, you are SO right and aren’t they great!!??!” I told her that God gave me a HEALTHY body so that I could have not only one, but two daughters. He also healed my body from Cancer so that I could live to try and be the best mom I could be and then I jumped up and shook my bootay a little bit. Ya know, just to show her what her Momma was working with! Ha!!!

Sure, there are days where I don’t feel like Heidi Klum. Ok, there has NEVER been a day I felt like Heidi Klum but when I look in the mirror I am going to pretend that’s how I feel, no matter what I am wearing…clothes or no clothes. Our bodies are pretty amazing things. They can run, walk or sit on the couch for hours on end binge-watching something on Netflix. They can give birth, they can survive disease but most importantly, they ALL contain the most necessary thing…our heart. And I am pretty sure at the end of my life, BOTH of my daughters are going to remember the size of my heart, NOT the size of my thighs!

Can I get an amen?!

XO Surviving Mommy

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