I’m going WHERE with my Ex-Husband?

maconpinkSo my previous husband Eben is coming to visit tomorrow for our daughter Lily’s 11th Birthday this Friday. He currently lives in Los Angeles (my hometown) and when he comes to visit, he stays with us. I love that my Hubster Eric and him get along so well. This entire dynamic is probably so odd to some (read more here), but I think it’s pretty darn awesome. Especially for Lily who thinks it’s pretty darn awesome too.

When Eben visits, he usually spends alot of time running around doing things with Lily but inevitably our entire family hangs out together too. I mean, we ARE all under one roof! While he is in town, the Macon Film Festival is also happening. Why am I telling you this? Because, he and I are andrew2going…together. See, he is an actor and screenplay writer. Me? I don’t act, write screenplays or direct movies but I do love movies. I love writing and I did I mention I love movies?! One of my favorite movies, Pretty Pink will be shown during a special screening at the Macon Film Festival. Can you believe it’s been 30 years??!! This is a particularly exciting thing to me because one of its main stars, Andrew McCarthy, will be there doing a Q & A. I always loved him as an actor. I thought he was so charming and unassuming in the “Brat Pack” movies and then I grew even fonder of him when I saw him in Television Shows like Lipstick Jungle and Gossip Girl, (in which he also directed some episodes.) He just starred in the recent ABC TV Show The Family and also directed many episodes of Orange Is The New Black…a binge-watching favorite of mine. Suffice it to say, he has clearly continued to thrive in this business the last 30+ years!

Pretty In Pink was such a big part of my childhood. I wanted to BE Molly Ringwald’s character Andie…she was the epitome of cool and Andrew McCarthy’s character Blane was the epitome of swooooon! When I was a little Valley girl growing up in Los Angeles, my childhood best friend Valerie even had a small “extra” roll in Pretty In Pink and we thought it was THE coolest thing EVER! Now whenever it comes on television, I text her to tell her and we laugh! We’re such dorks!

AnnieI love to support anything local too. In fact, yesterday our family went to see a local production of Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Atlanta Lyric Theater did such a fabulous job! One of the awesome actors in Joseph was from our very own Serenbe Playhouse here in my neighborhood of Serenbe! Lily did Annie with the Atlanta Lyric Theater when she was five. Not a main role but she had the acting bug for a summer and it was a fun experience for her. (She’s the little one third to the right of Annie-lol) I’m really looking forward to checking out the Macon Film Festival (which kicks off Thursday) and oddly enough, I’m even excited to check it out WITH my previous husband. So is he. It will be fun for me to learn more about this Festival and independent films, get to see one of my favorite movies and duh…get a picture with Andrew McCarthy. Look for THAT all over social media on Thursday! #LittleThingsInLife My ex Eben is excited because this is right up his actor’s alley and my husband Eric is even more excited because now he doesn’t have to go with me since this isn’t his cup of tea anyway. lol See…everybody wins!

XO Surviving Mommy




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