Is it bad to call your child, “Baby Beast?”

You know when you see a kid in a restaurant, a store or any public place really and they are pitching a conniption fit the size of Texas? If you don’t have kids, it definitely makes you not want any (lol) and if you do have kids, you are usually not affected by it because you are just SO happy it is not yours.
Well lately, my usually sweet, adorable, almost two year old baby girl Luna has turned into a Baby Beast (as I affectionately have dubbed her). Baby Beast first made her appearance last week and it’s something I have never seen before. Loud grunting. Flailing her body on the floor in a full on tamptrum, throwing food off the high chair at your face. When this happens, I look around thinking SuperNanny is going to come around the corner and yell at me. The thing is we are kind of hard core about disciplining our children. Our nine year old daughter is pretty well behaved and she never did this so this is kind of foreign to me. We correct Luna when the Baby Beast rears her ugly head but nothing seems to work.
Is this just the start of the terrible two’s?  Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you!
xo Surviving Mommy