Who knew?! Apparently, this is really a thing!

Isn’t it funny that no matter how old you are, you can always learn something new about yourself. And because I like to keep it real, I’m gonna be totally honest and tell you what I learned about myself recently. Apparently it’s a thing. And this thing has a name.

I learned about this thing while at a neighbor’s house when I met a woman who had just recently moved into the neighborhood. When we first started talking, she admitted that she’s an introvert. I casually said that I think I’m one of those mix between introverts and extroverts kind of people. She said, oh maybe you’re an “extroverted introvert.” I was like ummm, a what? She then told me she had studied all about it and said, let me ask you a question. “When you go to church, where do you prefer to sit?” I said I prefer to sit WAAAAY in the back…like the very last row OR if I couldn’t sit there, I guess I’d rather be ON the stage then. lol She said, “that means you are an extroverted introvert.” She started explaining what that was and I thought…yep, that is totally me.

Then all of a sudden I started seeing articles on this extroverted introvert thing pop up on the interwebs, Facebook…everywhere! Which of course means it’s a real thing then right?! lol Like this one,12 ways to know if you are an extroverted introvert. I can seriously identify with almost every single one on this list. Here are just a few examples:

“#3 YOU PREFER ONE-ON-ONE Communication with another person one-on-one is usually the favorite type of interaction for an extroverted introvert. While they are great with people, they don’t really like small talk – something they find too prominent in group situations. Extroverted introverts prefer to spend time with people they are really interested in and can have meaningful conversations with.” Yep, this is totally true with me. I feel like an awkward turtle when I have to make small talk. It’s why I really don’t enjoy going to parties or events where I don’t know a soul or I know it’s gonna be just a bunch of small talk. However, I could easily get up and dance like a dork, grab a mic and sing (poorly I might add) or sit with someone that I’ve connected with and talk to them for eight hours straight…all with no problem.

“4. YOU HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY No matter how many times an extroverted introvert makes a great impression in a social situation, social anxiety always rears its head in the hours (or days) before the next time you’re required to be “on” for a crowd. They know they’ll enjoy it once they get there, but think about cancelling many times before they leave the house.” This is 100% true! I love the thought of doing things and going places and will usually always say yes. But then when it comes down to it, I start thinking of 87 different ways I can cancel. 

“5. YOU LOVE BEING ALONE. Extroverted introverts don’t understand anyone who is uncomfortable being alone. Sometimes an extroverted introvert will go an entire day without speaking to another human being and not think twice about it.They love being by themselves, and find being alone reading a book, watching a movie, or partaking in any other solitary pastime, extremely invigorating.” I work from home now so there will be days where unless I have a meeting or a conference call with someone, I talk to noone (outside of my family)! And as much as I really do love to socialize, I so do enjoy my alone time as well. Even when I was single, I had no problem going to a movie or a restaurant by myself. I can still do that today except for that whole I have kids thing. lol

“12. YOU LIKE GOING OUT, BUT THEN YOU WANT TO GHOST. Extroverted introverts do enjoy going out with friends and being social.Take them out drinking and dancing and they’ll thrive on it, but there will come a point – and it’ll happen like the switch of a light – where they’ll just want to go home. Not because they’re not having fun anymore, simply because they feel it’s time to be silent. Naturally, their inclination is to ghost from these situations, because goodbyes leave them riddled with guilt.” Yep, 100%. My husband knows when I am ready to G O, I want to go and it really is like a lightswitch. Thankfully, nine times out of ten, he is ready to go too and yes, we’re guilty of pulling a Houdini (or ghost) too.

The thing is, I seriously loooove people and I really do enjoy talking to them. I mean duh, I was on the radio for most of my adult life. And, now I host a weekly Facebook LIVE show so yes, I am totally a people person but I guess I also really like being alone. Maybe that’s normal or maybe I’m just a weirdo. Ha! Orrrrr maybe this whole “extroverted introvert” thing just reminds me that we ALL have our “thing” right? It’s kinda what makes us all different and that my friends, is a good thing.

Maybe you’re an introvert. Maybe you’re an extrovert. Maybe you’re in between or you’re an extroverted introvert. Everybody has something, right?!

Sooooo, what’s your thing?

XO Cindy 





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