Here’s to celebrating 100 episodes of Coffee Convo Wednesday!

(Disclosure: RaceTrac partnered with me to celebrate my 100th episode of Coffee Convo Wednesday. As I always say…opinions are my own and I only have relationships with brands and companies that truly represent my family and me.) 

I can’t believe there have been 100 episodes Coffee Convo Wednesday! 100 episodes!! Little known fact, Coffee Convo Wednesday has not always been Coffee Convo Wednesday. Let me take you back. When I first went live on Facebook, it was right around the time live started on Facebook! I was sitting in my car waiting to pick up my oldest daughter from school and I thought…”Hmmm, I am gonna go live!” Full disclosure, I hadn’t showered, didn’t do my hair and barely had on a stitch of make-up. Really, check it out here. However, I looooved being live mostly because it reminded me of my radio show which was as you guessed it…live.

Fast forward to my 100th episode of Coffee Convo Wednesday. Over the last 100 episodes, we’ve had crazy coffee mugs…big and small, guests, sponsors, and giveaways. Lots of giveaways! In fact, for show #100, we had OVER $500 worth of giveaways. Woot!

Last year, one of my favorite brands RaceTrac came on board as one of the official Coffee Convo Wednesday sponsors. I love having them be a part of my show because, like me, they looooove coffee, they have crazy, good coffee AND they love my Coffee Convo Wednesday show! When they found out I was celebrating show numero 100, they said…”we’re sending you a $100 RaceTrac gift card to share with your Coffee Convo Wednesday viewers!” Whaaaaat??!! LOVE that and LOVE them! I’m ALL about hooking you guys up with FREE stuff! While we already gave away the $100 RaceTrac gift card on the big 100 show, don’t worry…RaceTrac already told me that April is going to be another fun month! Woohoo!

Special shout out to some of my other 100th episode partners…Play Monster, ZURU, HP Sprocket (PS. I’m obsesssssed with mine) and Disney! Thank you for your support and generosity!

100 episodes is such an awesome milestone to celebrate and I couldn’t be happier! I’m so grateful that you all have stuck around for 100 episodes! Oh and if you ever want to take a look back at all 100, check them out right here on my youtube page!


Here’s to 100 more!


Cindy :o) 

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