Last night was an Epic #MomFail.

File Feb 02, 3 58 56 PMLast night I had an epic #MomFail. So that I can not be SOOOOO embarrassed when I tell you what happened, I feel like I should qualify where my brain is right now. Maybe explaining to you where my head is will somehow justify my behavior. (Probably not) Or maybe explaining it to you will garner some sympathy and understanding as to why I acted like I did last night or maybe I am just trying to not to burst into tears while I write this for feeling like Mommy was a total jerk last night.

Let me back up. In the course of the last week, I found out that my mom is going to have to have a little heart surgery, one of my best friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (see last post) and one of my other best friends was hospitalized where she remains trying to get better. I, being in a totally different state as her feel completely helpless and my heart just aches all over. And Mommy is super sleep-deprived. Not a good combination.

So what happened last night? Well after a day of pee accidents and poo accidents with the new puppy and then him deciding to snack on said poo accident, not to mention the attempt of eating of all File Feb 02, 3 40 40 PMof my youngest daughter’s toys and chalk…it was just a long day. If you have children, you know they make noise. If you have girls, you know they make a sound that would call dogs from 87 miles away. Last night both of my girls were in full crazy scream mode. After calmly correcting them twice and trying the whole “scream-free parenting” thing, I marched up the stairs, found the yellow bathroom stool in the hallway (why was it there anyway?), picked it up and slammed it against the wall about three times to get their attention. Then in some sort of very loud demonic voice I didn’t know I had in me yelled, “THAT IS ITTTTTTTTTT! NO MOOOOOORE, GET IN BED NOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!” They both sat there stunned, trembling with fear as a big chunk of the yellow bathroom stool went flying onto the floor. We did talk about it later and I also apologized. So did they. I just felt like I kinda sucked at life! 🙁

It was not one of my finest moments. The last time I remember having one of these not so fine moments was almost two years ago. Well, at least one that I remember writing about. Ha! In all honesty, I’m sure they happen plenty. Not to that degree of course. I don’t walk around slamming yellow plastic stools into the wall or screaming like the devil usually, but I have plenty of moments where I have failed. Motherhood is hard and I’m not perfect. That’s one of the many reasons I created Surviving Mommy, because I know if I’m going through it, someone else has to be going through it too. We can’t do this alone. Parenting is a journey and we all need to stick together. Can I get an Amen?!

XO Surviving Mommy


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