Lemonade stands by the numbers


Ok let’s be real. If you see a kid selling lemonade, don’t you ALWAYS want to stop? You’ll dig in your purse or your center console to find those two quarters won’t you??!!

I had the BEST childhood ever!!! Ask anyone who grew up in our neighborhood of No. Hollywood, California and they will tell you the same thing! We lived on the corner of our cul-de-sac and we knew every single person not only on our street but on the surrounding streets. We played outside all of the time and never ever wanted to go home! Ever. In fact, the friends I had from my first neighborhood, I still consider my friends!

My childhood BFF Valerie and I were especially OBSESSED with making money! We did lemonade stands, sold candy dots on paper in our “candy shop”, we did shows and charged admission, baby sat, dog walked and we even had a neighborhood newspaper called the “Neighborhood News.” And on the back page of the newspaper there were classified ads where we listed all of the things we would do for work called “C & V Cheap Labor” (aka Cindy and Valerie Cheap Labor).

So when my nine year old daughter told me after school today that she wanted to do a lemonade stand, I swerved right into the Dollar Store parking lot and grabbed some cups and supplies for our, I mean her, impromptu lemonade stand and headed straight home!

There is something so liberating about being a kid and having your own money, right?! You feel like you could buy your own car, your own house or take over the world.

She didn’t really make anything her first go at it today. Mostly because we put ZERO thought into it, lol, but that was not what was important. Her friends came over to visit, they chatted, drank some lemonade and she had quality time doing something that brought her total joy and in the end…isn’t that the best part?! Creating memories in your childhood that will last you into your adulthood. Mine sure did!!

What did you used to do when you were a little kid to make money? Share below!

XO Surviving Money

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