Let’s get to the bottom of this Facebook thing, shall we?


Social Media is such a funny thing. It can be taken soooo seriously and can be laughed at…all in the same day, ie. Facebook. I bring this up for a few reasons. Last year, I had a friend tell me she had to “unfriend” someone she knew on Facebook because they posted a selfie with their Uncle. Ok, that doesn’t seem bad right? Well yahhhhh, the uncle was dead and the selfie was AT his funeral. Ummmm…say whaaaaaat??!! Now maybe they had their reasons for doing it, but her point was that she felt it was in poor taste so it was her choice to unfriend them and she did.

With the whole election insanity as of late, there were Facebook unfriendings happening left and right. That’s why I try to steer clear of posing anything political but really, let’s be honest…we should all be able to have grown up conversations and share differing opinions about ANYTHING without getting all bagigity with each other right? Yah, apparently not because this was the worst case of Facebook UNfriendings I’ve ever seen. lol I had friends posting staus updates all of the time…”Soooo, I just had to UNfriend someone because…insert reason here.” Aie yie yie.

I guess Facebook unfriending just doesn’t faze me at all. Really. My true friendships are in the real world anyway. I use my personal Facebook page to keep up with friends and family and once in a while share lighthearted and happy things and not really anything else. I just don’t even use my personal page alot anymore anyway. But that’s because I also have a “work” Facebook page for Surviving Mommy and I loooove posting there. Which hello, I hope you’ve liked this page! 😉 That page is where I like to post happy, giddy, Disney, silly, make you get all weepy things…videos, pictures, stories, whatever. I post there all of the time and I choose to use that Facebook page and all social media really, for sharing the good stuff. 

But don’t get it twisted, I’ve been unfriended before. I am sure you have too. I think when people do it, they do it for a handful of reasons. Maybe it’s to be spiteful and “sting” the other person which I believe, if you’re taking to Facebook to make your statement and that makes you feel better, then by all means go for it. Whatever. You do you. I don’t think I’ve ever been seriously hurt by a Facebook unfriending though. I mean come on, really? It’s FACEBOOK! Sometimes there is also no spite or “sting” even, maybe it’s just time to move on and that’s ok too. With age comes peace.

I’ve also unfriended people myself. Mostly because their account became inactive and it was taking up valuable new friend space. Ha! Or say if we’ve lost touch in real life, whether good, bad or ugly…I guess there is no point in continuing a “friendship” on Facebook right? Who knows but I just don’t think we should be putting that much stock into Facebook friendships. There’s too much real life to live people! 

Have you done it?? Has it been done to you? What is your reason for unfriending someone? Whether it’s good, bad or ugly…share below!

XO Surviving Mommy

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