Let’s talk about those “runner people”, shall we?

You know when you see those runner people post on social media about, “oh I just ran another 5k” and you roll your eyes are like ugh…yay for YOUUUU runner person! Or when they post, “yep, just signed up for the blankety blank half marathon!” and you throw up a little in your mouth? Ok, I’m mostly kidding because I’m alllll about people achieving their goals and when people do post that stuff, I believe in my heart it’s to motivate others and/or hold their own selves accountable. Ok maaaaybe there is a tiny little bit of braggy brag going but look, it I ever ran a 5k or a half marathon, you bet your bottom dollar, I’d be telling the whole world AND slapping that 13.1 sticker on the back of my car. So here it goes…


Did I just type that?! I don’t even know who I am right now. Really. Because let’s be honest, if you know me in person or have been following my life journey at all, you’ve probably learned at least this one thing about me. While I do loooove to walk, I DO NOT RUN. Ever. Like I actually used to have a 0.0 I don’t run sticker on my car.

Ok but if say Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki from The Avengers) was at the finish line, sure I’d definitely be running to him. And if he was holding a cupcake too? Look out people, I’d be sprinting like Usain Bolt. So you get the idea then…I am not a runner. However, for some odd reason, I’ve had it on my bucket list that I would like to run a half marathon someday. It’s on my list right after being a Haunted Mansion dancer in the Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween parade at Walt Disney World but I digress. (See my bucket list here

A couple of months ago my Florida bestie told me how she had just run the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World and I thought to myself…well, if I was everrrrr actually going to run a half marathon, I would probably sign up for that one because hello, I would get to wear a costume and you knoooow my family! We do love a good costume! So there’s that and well, duh…Disney. So I said to her…hey, let’s do the next Disney Princess Half Marathon in February!!! She was in!

The next day after I made this insane decision, I woke up and googled “how do you start running?” lol No really, I totally did because I thought well, you can’t just start running, can you? Aren’t there things you need to know?! So I found a run/walk app that is one of those couch to 5k trainer apps that talks to you while you train. Not in an annoying way, it just sort of tells you when to run and when to slow down and walk all while you listen to your favorite Backstreet Boys greatest hits. Apparently this run/walk thing is the key. So I thought I would start with training for a 5k and then move on up to training for a Half Marathon. And guess what y’all? I have been running FOUR times a week for THREE weeks!! THREE WEEKS!!


I didn’t really tell my besties right away because most of my besties are runners. I know, I know. How is it that I have so many “healthy runner friends” and I’m all over here on the couch eating chocolate covered gummy bears and not running. #Truth So after I went out the first couple of times and didn’t die, I thought, hmmm…I may actually be able to do this running thing.

First, I emailed these two cute runner girls in my neighborhood and was like, “hey two cute runner girls, I have a “friend” who wants to start running and I think she needs shoes.” I’m pretty sure they knew who my “friend” was.;) They pointed me to a running store close to our house and off I went with Momma Jane in tow. They made me run on a treadmill and video-ed my running and talked about things like pronate and arches while I stared at them blankly. I bought my first pair of shoes and wow, they cost a lot of money but they TOTALLY made a difference. It also might have been that I had been running on these beat up-over five years old tennis shoes that were clearly NOT made for running. 

The first week of my new running thing, I had lunch with some of my besties (aka my runner friends) and told them what I was doing and what I signed up for. They said, we’re in, we’re doing this Disney Princess Half Marathon WITH you. We’ll run with you and your Florida bestie and it will be awesome! I immediately had two reactions. Awwww, how sweet they are and oh crap…now actually I HAVE to do this stupid half marathon thing.

Funny side note. When I told my 11yo daughter that I was gonna run a half marathon. She actually laughed. Out loud. She laughed because she thought I was kidding. I guess she knows her Momma huh?! While it did hurt my feelings for a brief second, I thought well…why WOULDN’T she laugh? She’s NEVER seen me run before. Lead by example right?  So guess what we did while she was on Spring Break last week? Ran. And guess who didn’t die? THIS GIRL! And might I add that she pooped out faster than I did. #JustSayin

So yah, there ya go. Tomorrow I start week four of my learn how to run thing. Do I love it? Meh, not so much. All of my “runner friends” say they looooooove it and I’m like yahhh, I am just trying not to die every time I do it. Will I ever love it? Who knows?! But it does feel good to have a goal. To have something to look forward to. And I get to do this with my girls who uplift and support me but will probably end up literally having to uplift me if I don’t make it all the way to the finish line. HA! And now my daughter gets to see me achieve a goal and I get to knock something off my bucket list (and get the sticker!)

So on to the important things…what am I gonna wear at the Disney Princess Half Marathon??!!

Hmmmm…does this mean I’m one of those “runner people” now?! 😉

XO Surviving Mommy




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